Wednesday 13 April 2016

My Second Experience With Skin 18 Products

Skin18 had sent me few of their excellent face mask sheet few months back. I liked using them so much that I also did a giveaway in their collaboration so that my lovely readers could also try these Korean beauty products. Some time back I urged the brand to give me a chance to try some more products and I was sent another set of products including a Todak Todak Wash Off Mask, two mask sheets and two nose cleansing strips.

I was most excited to try these Nose Cleansing Strips. These Nose Cleansing strips come in small pouches containing one strip each.
Out of the Charcoal and Lemon Tea Tree variants which I received, I decided to use Charcoal one first because Charcoal is good for dry skin.
Before you place the strip on your nose, you need to remove the clear plastic liner and make you nose wet so that the strip may stick on the skin of nose area. Make sure the smooth side of the strip is put down touching the nose.
If the strip doesn't stick properly, you may put some water topically and wait for around 20 minutes to let it dry on skin. As the strip starts getting stiff on skin, peel it off from corners towards center.
The Charcoal Nose Cleansing strip really worked very well to remove most blackheads without any pain that we usually bear when done it at salons. It unclogs the pores, removes dirt and dead skin around nose. The skin doesn't feel hurt as it has soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera extracts, Vitamin E etc. It lifts away all kind of impurities and the area around nose is absolutely cleansed in just one use. The natural minerals of charcoal prevent blackheads to appear again and vitalizes the skin.

Another product that I got was Todak Todak Wash Off Pack. I received the Pomegranate & Shea Butter variant. It comes in a cute tub sealed on the top containing refreshing pink color jelly like product.

I massaged the required quantity of pack on cleansed face for a minute or so and left it to dry. While on my face, I may smell mild scent. It has to be washed off after 10-15 minutes. This pack is full of vitamins and estrogen, so helps to restore firmness of skin on regular use. The shea butter effectively gives moisturizing texture to my dry skin.
Each package contains 10 ml of quantity which is sufficient for 2-3 applications. Since there are many variants available, each of these little pack is worth trying.
I remember how much I loved their face mask sheets which I had received in my first package. So on receiving two new variants this time again, I couldn't wait any more and used the Green Gram Natural Essence Mask.
The Green Grams are meant for maintaining skin elasticity and keep the skin moist at the most optimum level. For making the mask more refreshing, I refrigerated it for few minutes before use. Being a 3D mask, I placed it on my face as per the cut out for eyes, lips. I used the mask after all my household are over, because it must be given good 30 mins to sit on your face to do the wonders.
Do not wash the remaining fluid on your face, but give it a gentle massage with your fingers so that it gets absorbed deeply. The skin felt so supple, rejuvenated and free from hint of tiredness. Each mask sheet is suited for one-time usage only. For the best result, one should use the nousrishing mask sheets atleast twice a week.
There are many choices for these mask sheets according to your skin type, but one thing that they all ensure is to render your skin basic care it needs regularly.

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  1. I like the name todak todak wash off face pack. I like such kind of face packs. Nice review Shilpa!

  2. Four Season face masks are my favourites :)


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