Thursday 17 December 2015

Winter Body Care Routine With Ethicare Remedies Products

Cold weather makes my skin lot more drier, chapped and stressed. The normal skin care routine that I follow through out the year requires a careful change to protect the sensitivity of skin for fall/winter months. Though I continue using all the products for different parts of my body namely hands, feet, hair, face etc., but I pay attention to switch to products that are composed ingredients specially meant for tackling skin issues.

Today, I'm collating some products from Ethicare Remedies in this post that proved to be efficacious for me in past year..

As the mercury lowers, we love taking long warm water shower or bubble bath, but using highly soapy bodywashes tend to strip off the skin moisture and as a result the skin feels itchy and stretchy post bath. The idea is to either pour few drops of a nourishing oil in your bathing water or choose a soap bar that does the job. I have many of the natural soap bars in past many months, but one of my fav had been a pocket-friendly soap from Ethicare i.e. Vizigly Plus. It has high percentage of aloe vera extract, almond oil and wheat germ oil to keep the skin supple and moisturized. You will also love its oval egg-like shape and cute baby pink color ;)
Buy at Rs 99 for 100 gm bar
If a soap bar sounds impractical to you, go for the Nutraclin liquid body cleanser that will not only be more hygienic to use, but will also maintain the natural pH level of your skin. The quantity offered for the price is also a added plus to the product.
Buy at Rs 159 for 250 ml
Cleansing is one of the crucial step that most of us practice religiously. For summer months, I like using foamy cleansers that need rinsing and leave skin fresher after splashes of water. But as the temperature falls, I can't dare to wash my face with cold water and its not advisable to use warm water as well. So the best option is to use a non-foaming cleansing lotion that can be lightly patted down with a damp cloth. The Epiclin Cleansing Lotion made of olive oil and glycerine is the kind of product that satisfies my need with its emulsifying effect for enough time. Being a color-free and fragrance free lotion makes this product a choice for many people.
Buy at Rs 139 for a pack of 125 ml 
A richer moisturizing lotion or cream is my most demanding product in winters. I like creamy emollients that have thicker consistency. Those who have normal or oily skin might go for normal lotions, but whose skin type is on drier side like me must opt for creams that maintain a barrier on skin and protect the natural skin oils. Team Ethicare Remedies has been so very considerate that they have created their Hydrofil Moisturizer in both lotion and cream base. I can't admire any product more than these two, because of their lovely fragrance and excellent absorption. I love it so much that I keep its bigger, more economical pack in my stock.
Buy at Rs 132 for a pack of 100 ml 
Now coming to hair care for the season, do use an extra mild shampoo that doesn't compromise in quality ingredients and keeps the scalp and hair healthy. In my opinion, a less-lathery shampoo is quite fine if it removes dirt and pollutants from your scalp with some more quantity per use. And when you find a shampoo that is doubled up with blend of conditioners, moisturizers and UV filters, your worries are much relaxed. Like it happened when I tried Seren Shampoo.
Buy at Rs 126 for 100 ml
I back up the performance of this conditioning shampoo with yet another hair care product from Ethicare line which is Trichoz Serum. It is superb to pump up the manageability of my hair and adds such a natural lustre that I earn so many compliments for my long, shiny hair :) I can vouch for its effectiveness for easy detangling and less hair breakage. I don't forget to carry it in my bag while going out for a trip or something.
Buy at Rs 171 for 50 ml
Lets not forget talking about lipcare, the most adversely affected part of our body due to cold, chilly winds. These days, we have unimaginable options of lip butters, lip balms and what not. Some are available to supplement with pretty colors also and I see young girls loving these a lot :) Actually I am also among those girls. We, the women, have wide choices to use any of these lipcare product. But what about men?? They also need a product to hold on moisture to keep their lips soft. The Lipz moisturizer is best for any men or women who hate waxy coating on their lips in the name of lip balms and like a genuine formula that works. Its a kokum butter and shea butter based product with light vanilla fragrance. The small tube packaging makes it easy to slide in your pocket and use it anytime you need.
I believe these products will help winterproof your skin to great extent..I will come up with more such recommendations, if my readers like to.

p.s. All the products referred in this post have been reviewed individually as well. Do refer the links for detailed posts.

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  1. I have seen the review about the hair serum and lip moisturizers but did not know about the soap, body cleanser and other stuff. Nice tips!

    1. They have wide choices in almost all categories of body n skin care. And everyone will find something suited to his/her needs :)

  2. don't know how I missed this post
    all products are so wonderful
    esp. impressed by ethicare soap - sounds nice
    had never heard of Nutraclin wash - read your review - v.impressed

    1. Yeah, I complied best products in the Ethicare range so that one can get a quick solution right here.

  3. Ethicare is a good company i have used its soap and hair serum, me too impressed with them . Good andvgenuine reviews

    1. I second You Bhawna. They have really good products. Infact I'll soon come up with review posts on their new products as well. Keep an eye on the blog to know about them.


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