Monday 28 December 2015

Barter System Turns Digital on

Buying and selling our stuff online has become customary for most of us. We are lured by provocative deals offered by websites that save us great money and we feel self-content to own the stuff that our heart desires. Sometimes I wonder on stories told by my grandpa how people in good old days used barter system of exchange to trade things on a mutually agreed price without involving any CASH. But recently I heard about some barter sites that have actually transformed this age-old traditional barter system into digital format and are presenting great offers. Just like every household, I also had dumped some useless stuff in my house which I wanted to dispose. So, to assess the practicality of these digital barter sites, I thought of giving it a try and unearthed that is one-of-its-kind website to get rid of your unwanted items in return of something that you need from the items listed on the site. 
This website has exchange offers on almost every thing we may think of; including Mobile &Tablets, Books & Hobbies, Kids & Baby Zone, Home & Furniture, Clothing & Accessories and much more. The feature that appealed me at first was the selection of the preferred location/city so that I may easily swap the product with someone in my closest reach. 
Though I was convinced that its a hassle-free process, I still doubted that there might be some charges for such swapping activities. But to my pleasant surprise, the entire exchange happens without any fee or commission, rather there is a system of earning reward points for every action we do right from the registration. Isn't it fantastic!!
Exchanging my old computer table with a kitchen rack happened so conveniently with me and I felt happy to promote reusability and conserving the environment by not disposing it otherwise.   
I am glad with the services provided by to bring alive the comfort and security of every transaction in cashless barter system that is sure to make its way :)

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