Thursday 10 December 2015

Detoxify Your Skin With Aroma Essentials Lemon Grass Mask

The recent change in the weather conditions is leaving my skin wanting extra care. Though the routine skin care regimen is taken care of, but I have added an additional product to cleanse the surface of my skin in better way and it is Aroma Essential Lemon Grass Mask. 
The main ingredients of the Lemongrass mask are lemongrass extract, oats and bentonite. The mask is brownish yellow in color and is a finely milled powder. It smells soothing being a natural composition. You need to mix it with some water and make a thick paste out of it. I spread a thin layer of the mask paste on my face and let it dry for few minutes. The mask works to stimulate the skin while on the skin. As you rinse it off with gentle massage with splashes of water, the skin feels deeply purified because of the bentonite's ability to absorb toxins from skin. Bentonite is a type of healing clay enriched with nutrients that detoxifies the skin from deep within by deep pore cleansing.
Lemongrass mask helps to remove tan n leaves skin soft. Lemongrass extract contains higher content of vitamin A and helps in fading fine lines n aging spots on skin.. It may not be necessarily used on the facial skin, but can be used on arms, legs or any other body part that requires attention. Yet another ingredient used in its making is oats which makes the mask more effective for dry skin people too. However since the key ingredient is clay, the people with dry skin need to back up the skin  with moisturiser after washing the mask. The use of this mask on frequent intervals calms the skin reducing any kind of skin itching arising out of various reasons. The skin feels softened and pampered everytime I use it.
For a query on its price or for placing an order, do contact at 077609 88272 or DM at Aroma Essentials facebook page.

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  1. That's a great mask!! How regular customer will you be if you have to order on FB and do money transfer through bank? Is it worth?? Many startup are selling their products through bank transfers though.

    1. I guess the seller would be in better position to answer abt payment related queries..


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