Friday 11 December 2015

The City Beautiful In the Zonal War

"Once you lived at Chandigarh, there is no place your heart beats for..." 
This is something I am quoting from my personal experience. Since quite early years of my life, I had a crush upon the city ;) Though its not the place where I have been born and brought up, but I knew I wanted to spend my life in the lap of nature at 'The City Beautiful' surrounded by green landscapes wherever possible :)
A compulsory stop for any architect’s pilgrimage, Chandigarh has highlighted itself in the world map being the first planned city of the country post independence. The Swiss-French Architect and the master designer Le Corbusier amazed the universe with his imaginative plan for the city and came up with a design unlike any other city in India. I personally find the city so easy to commute because of its non-complex grid system to connect all the sectors and have the confidence not to get lost even if I don't know my route to my destination.
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The block-shaped buildings on the baking plains of Punjab soften the effect of concrete roads with its lush green parks in every sector and make it a delight to stay here years after years. The green stripes, which were the part of the city's master plan, are still restricted to walk upon and drive upon to maintain the title of one of the "cleanest and greenest city of India."
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This beautiful city of the North India drives numerous people to make a conscious decision to live at Chandigarh because of its controlled modernity, which happened in my case too. I always experience an unparalleled quality of life here in terms of investment opportunities, hangout places to relax, variety of food items and ofcourse for its cosmopolitan nature. The perfect blend of modernization & ethnicity in Chandigarh invites outsiders to live at this pampered city.
Every time I drive by the official emblem of the city i.e. Open Hand Monument, it itches a feel of hospitality in my heart with the message of “open to give and open to receive” and my obsession for the city becomes deeper and stronger.
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Growing with the city for many years now, I have witnessed great change in its appearance. But the approach of people has never run out of the place. The City Beautiful, emerging as technology hub, is very well connected to other cities via roads, trains and flights. This easy access via any transportation mode has made the city pass the criteria pertaining to Smart City Project :)
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Not only that the city is a perfect place to live, but wins over my votes to travel to mountains in close proximity. A weekend can be well-spend enjoying a long-drive with family to the hills of Himachal Pradesh to treasure some lovely memories.
Chandigarh, the dream city of India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Nehru, has remarkable reasons to top the charts when it competes for Zonal War. The lively people, clean surroundings, rich heritage and the development potential are the city highlights that are #madeofgreat and worth applauds !!

Proud to breath cleaner in The City Beautiful!


  1. The first photograph of city top looks like assorted chocolate in a box. It looks like a foreign land truly!!

  2. Wow Chandigarh City is so beautiful
    wanna go at once there


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