Friday 18 December 2015

#KnowYourRights against Sexual Violence

Our country is struggling hard with serious outbreak of violence in one part or the another. The crimes like murder, theft, burglary are in the newspaper headlines everyday and its like a hurtful start of the morning to come across such disheartening news. The most horrifying crime among all is any kind of sexual abuse that involves not only physical hurt, but leaves a lifelong impression on victim's mind. 

The survivors of any kind of sexual offence are often reluctant to report the crime as observed in many cases. Since these crimes are mostly women-centric, the victims are afraid of social non-acceptance at the first hand. The victim happens to undergo such intense emotions of guilt, anger, fear and depression that they lose all their self-esteem to decide what's right at the moment. Also, at times there is no support to decide whether or not to report to police or any authority and unfortunately the matter is swept under the rug. 

If this be the case all the time to shield these criminal, there can be no hope to commence the required action ... Ofcourse, it is a difficult decision to report the crime, but an assistance can be provided only if the victim is firm to protect her dignity... 
In my opinion its important to encourage people report the sexual violence for many reasons...

The sexual offenders may be the repeaters who tend to get unidentified for long just because the victim is not ready to voice the occurrence of crime. When there is a strong case against such repeat offenders, medical authorities or police authorities can draw deductions of his behavioural patterns, thereby taking corrective measures. It not only helps to reduce chances of further sexual offences, but also is an appropriate way to control and channelize feelings of victim. 

Many a times, when the crime victim delays reporting, the physical evidences may fade away making the case less-binding. Also it may cause ignorance for the internal physical injuries of the victims which may be apparent later as any sexually transmitted disease due to the crime. So it is advisable to bring the issue into light as early as possible to avail medical assistance provided by law officials.

When a woman who has borne a huge loss for herself can only understand what she has gone through. Its the courage in her heart that can save the community she belongs to .. the community of other women. It is the willingness to act in public interest to safeguard every female who can be the next target. So to initiate an investigation, the crime must be promptly filed.

Just like most women, I also had little knowledge of my rights in the underlying situation, but this informative video made all my doubts clear that reporting against sexual violence is not a complex task... Just have a look to #KnowYourRights 
“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”


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    1. Indeed.. This needs to be brought to light to spread awareness.

    2. Indeed.. This needs to be brought to light to spread awareness.

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