Wednesday 16 December 2015

MojoBar - A Healthy Snack for your 'On The Move' Moment

Health bars are not a new thing happening in the town.. I have taste some of them and usually don't feel like continuing them for long because of their boring taste and no choices of flavours. You see, the taste matters to me. And some of these are so laden with added sugar that pisses me off on how to call it a 'health bar' :/

Recently, I travelled to Goa from Chandigarh and needed to pick some 'on-the-go' snack to toss in my handbag to carry during my flight. I was attracted towards a colorful packaging of Mojobar showing a chewy bar on it. A quick glimpse on its nutritious ingredients list made me fall in love with it and I made up my mind to try that. 

On liking my first MojoBar variant in Choco Almond + Protein, I was keen to ask for more. And I felt happier to know that these health bars come in 2 more yummy flavours i.e. Nutty Apricoat + Fibre and Yogurt Berries+ Antioxidants loaded with choicest constituents. 
Nutty Apricoat + Fibre flavour speeds up your metabolism and improves digestion without disturbing your sugar intake.
Yogurt Berries+ Antioxidants flavour is simply an innovative one with yogurt as key ingredients with a right balance of sweet n sour taste of cranberries. Its packed with Vitamin A, C and E. Loving it truly :)
Choco Almond + Protein is for chocolate lovers who can't ditch their all time favourite flavour yet need a punch of nutritional nuts n fruits in their snack. 
MojoBar- When & Why?
  • MojoBar is one of the healthy snack that can be easily incorporated in our busy lifestyle. The glucose used in the bars has replaced most sugar content in the bars, and so I feel a boost in my energy level after its consumption, so I highly recommend it to gym-freak people as pre-workout snack.  
  • Its so easy to carry, not because of its sleek size, but because it requires no refrigeration of heating. I simply slip it my purse and port it almost everywhere I go.
  • I did a thorough research on what should be the right proportion of nutritional value of these so-called healthy snacks and realized MojoBar fulfills all those criteria. Though its slightly high in fat content, but it has 80% unsaturated fat derived from seeds and nuts. So deserves a thumbs up from me.
  • At occasions, when I am short of time for my meals, one of these bar is my substitute for my meal for the moment that helps maintain my energy level.
  • Most importantly, all variants of MojoBar are gluten free and preservatives free, so it won't cause you bloating and flatulence.. There is nothing artificial used in the bars and keep a check on my calorie count and I don't need to compromise in taste as well. 
Now-a-days, Mr. hubby feels himself like a child eating MojoBar during lunch break at his office and doesn't hesitates refusing anyone to share :P
Looking at these benefits, I would say these nutritious bar are ideal to be eaten in place of chips, biscuits, muffins or even plain chocolates. Ready to grab a bar?? Here is where you can buy these on Amazon at Rs 240 for a pack of 6 bars.
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  1. sounds so yummyyy
    will be getting this <3

  2. preservative free is nice
    will try

    1. go ahead for goodness of natural ingredients to bite :)

  3. Replies
    1. is it? it was clicked when i was tired after long working hours :P

  4. Ohh !! these look just like the granola bars. I love eating them. I like them as a desert more. Great review!!

  5. I wasn't aware that we get such healthy treats in India! definitely checking them out specially the yogurt and berries variant :)

    The Chicster Diaries xx

  6. Oh I love granola bars. I always have these in my bag.. never know when you might get hungry :D


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