Tuesday 8 December 2015

Ethicare Remedies Caladew Lotion Review

When I get to see Calamine lotion, I recall my mom always using Calamine lotion as her makeup base and I, as a child used to love its whitening effect on her face. For many years, this was the only use of calamine lotion to me.
At a later stage, as a mother myself, I got to buy the same calamine lotion for my son who has sensitive skin prone to allergy from insect bite. It was then that I realized the potential benefits of this lotion in situation like curing problematic skin. 

Today I am reviewing Caladew lotion from Ethicare Remedies to assess whether it has similar properties like older version of the product. 
Product Details:
Calamine lotion with its balanced formulation offers soothing and cooling action and gives relief in skin conditions like prickly heat, insect bites, sunburn, nappy rash etc.

Kaolin, Zinc oxide, Cucumber Extract, Aloevera, Silicon Oil, Glycerine
Rs 81 for 75 ml pack. 

My opinion:
Caladew Lotion formulated by Ethicare Remedies is not only a usual mix of zinc oxide with zinc carbonate, but has been a novel composition of other components like Cucumber extract and Aloevera. The lotion is pink in color which is lighter than the age-old calamine lotion. It comes is a tube packaging having white and pink prints on it.
Its consistency is more watery / runny than I expected, so during my first use I poured more quantity accidently on my palm. But it makes the lotion easier to spread and blend. There is similar fragrance like it was in the lotion years ago that connects me to my childhood days. The fragrance lasts for quite long time but is very light and non-bothersome. 
The Caladew lotion gives soothing coolant feel on skin on application. It leaves no white cast on skin, and gives matte effect with some moisturization on my extra-dry skin. I feel it will feel more hydrating on normal to oily skin. I use it in place of foundation at times and it perfectly works towards minor skin fixing. The Caladew lotion is amazingly beneficial to acne prone skin..Just a little touch of the lotion on the affected area for few times controls the pimples/acne/breakouts to great extent due to its anti-allergic properties. The zinc oxide used in the making of Caladew lotion offers mild sunscreen action as well.
The lotion is very mild and its quite safe to use for babies to prevent and cure nappy rashes or minor skin itching. 

Pocket friendly price.
Nice fragrance.
Mild sunscreen.
Cooling effect on skin.
Excellent spreadability.
Non-opaque lotion base.
Safe for children.
Matte effect.
Effective for minor skin issues.

I wish the consistency be little thicker to avoid spillage in case tube cap is not tightly shut.

Overall, Caladew lotion is a multi-action product that doubles up as cosmetic plus medicine in such affordable price. A pack of Caladew lotion is highly recommended for every household.

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  1. great review
    have fond memories of my gran using calamine lotion too

  2. Kaolin tends to dry skin. No wonder it favors acne prone skin. Great review!


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