Saturday 26 December 2015

Second Blog Anniversary Contest Powered by HouseThis and Jabong (Closed)

Hello Everyone

Hope your homes and hearts are brimming joyously this festive season :) For most of us, Christmas and New Year celebration is the highlight of the fun-filled end of the year. To make your celebrations more exciting, I'm hosting a fun contest to celebrate my blog's second anniversary. yippee :)

This contest is powered by and House This and is sure to bring a smile on your face. HouseThis is one of the most fashionable home furnishing brand that makes your private space reflect your refined taste beautifully. A HouseThis product is not just a piece of fabric, it has been created to inspire, to allow you to express yourself. It is created to allow you to make your home an extension of you!
Remember, I shared in my FB post that my blog Alive n Kicking is completing two years on 5th Jan. So the giveaway starts today and end on 5 Jan, 2016 (midnight).

Contest Rules:
  • Subscribe to my blog via email and verify your subscription.
  • Follow Alive n Kicking, Jabong and House This on Facebook. 
  • Follow me, HouseThis and Jabong India on twitter. 
  • Follow me and Jabong on Instagram (optional)
  • Answer in comments below this post "What's your plan to spruce up your home decor this new year?" The most impressive answer will be selected as winning entry that qualifies all the rules.
  • Sharing the giveaway post on your Facebook and Twitter timeline is mandatory while tagging all the pages and your friends.
  • Confirm your participation by leaving your details in the comments section below along with email id, links of shared post and tweet. 
The winner will receive a beautiful hamper worth Rs 1000 from House This collection to fulfill their wish to decorate his/her house.
Look at some of the HouseThis products that I am loving ...

P.S. Its a sponsored giveaway and the prizes will be directly sent by the brand to the winner.


  1. Nice giveaway , done all the steps , followed on facebook , twitter , instagram.
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    Our home is our small world where we find comfort so Home Décor is a very important aspect which should be done with heart and soul .To spruce up my home décor this new year , I had planned to Buy some good floral bedsheets(of cotton) , Cosy cushion covers so as to get a good sleep . For Wall of my kids room , I had thought to put some beautiful wall stickers which would enliven the room and make it look more beautiful .Some colourful storage Boxes to keep their toys and other stuffs ( I had already brought one orange colour box), Some Perfumed designer candles for my Dinning space , Some good decorative pieces for my Drawing room , Some good lights or Lamps for my kitchen to make it look some Bright .

  2. hii
    Following blog via
    Twitter link-
    FB link-
    New year should start with some new things, whether in life or in home. So my plan for my home is to replace my old Floor Rug with a new one,coz New Rug will brighten up my room and will give new warmth and comfort to my home, and highlight my sweet home.

  3. Hello Shilpa maam,
    firstly Waves of love and HUGE congratulations for completing 2 blogging years.Happy Anniversary,! Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger.(h) There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure and beautiful dis New year I am thinking about to change my Spring mattress.and will purchase a bed runner too. The purpose of rugs is dual in nature: cover up unattractive or dirty flooring and add interest and pattern to our floor.So i Look for rugs to fill up the empty spaces in my home; these will make my house seem full of furniture even when it's a bit bare.In dis coming new year To make my house truly idiosyncratic and appealing, I will add framed photos of my favorite memories, trips, people, and locations too. :) :)
    Done all the steps
    Fb name: Nishat Anjum
    twitter handle: @nishatnjm1
    fb share link:
    twitter shared link:

  4. Dear Shilpa,

    Many Many congratulations for the completion of two years successful journey. This question can give you a huge conversation on this because this a matter of chit chat among women.
    Well I have planned to have a beautiful and decent house decor so that whoever enters in my house can feel the peace and happiness, so that they can also feel the aura of HOME.
    These are the few things which I will try to chance with in my pocket budget.
    1: Bright light colour bedsheets.
    2: Use of soft rugs near bed.
    3: Use of wind chimes in my balcony.
    4: And will make a floral bay of real flowers in the balcony.
    5: A beautiful Ganesh emblem on my entrance, so that my house always get blessed by Ganesh ji.
    6: And recently I have learned some paper craft wall hangings, will make and use them.
    7: I have also learned making tissue paper flowers and will use them on my entrance by pasting them on sticks to give it a real look of flower pot.
    8. I will make middle size rug for my temple area with my retired dupattas.
    This is a small list which will make my home a SWEET HOME with lots of love for my home decors and my loved ones.

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    Email :

    Lots of love to you

  5. Twitter:
    Since I live in a nice joint family home, my plan to spruce up the house in the new year is to get a lot more personalization done…more family photos, together and individually. Make the house more bright using brighter colours and more pastel themes.

  6. New year is the best time of my life. With every new year, I like to replace all my old home decors with new ones. And this new year I have planned to substitute all the window curtains with some dazzling ones, add some vibrant coloured bed sheets as well as pillow covers, supersede the old clumsy rugs with new floral rugs and include some cozy cushions for my sofa.

    email id-
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  7. My living room is decorated in earthy tones mostly muted creams, maroons and browns.
    I've used a lot of terracota artifacts and brass lamps as I love Indian culture.
    I also have collected a lot many handicrafts from across India like a wall-hanging from Assam that has cute artistic animals.
    Also I have a wall- hanging from Gujrat in traditional Gujrati hani-work along with puppets from Rajasthan.
    I'm really proud of our Indian culture and tradition & Art .

    I would style my home with a wonderful brown Diwan Set from 'House This'

    As you can see it's brown in color and will go wonderfully with my decor. The prints are also Indian and I would love to make my guests feel welcome by seating them on this marvellous Diwan Set .
    FB - Jayanthi Parthasarathy
    Twitter - @vyjip
    Insta - jayanthiparthasarathy
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  8. Hello shilpa...
    Wishing u a very happy new year...
    Thanks a lot for this superb giveaway nd a chance to win this superb hamper...
    coming to the rules, m done wid all of it...
    following all the pages in fb-
    twitter- @princess_anshu
    instagram- @ankita1238
    subscribed id-

    shared on twitter-
    shared on fb-

    will try my best in sharing it all over...

    now coming to ur ques.. to spruce up my home decor i have decided to go floral this tym... i will be buying a floral collection for my bedroom in purple color, to give it a feminine touch...firstly i will be buying bedsheets in floral print in some vibrant colors.. thn will be taking floral printed netted curtains to make it look elegant... Also i will be buying a vase with artificial flowers to beautify my room... Along wid this, i also have my family collage which will act as cherry on cake in my room...
    being a flower lover, it will be a perfect room decoration for me...:)

    Thanks for the chance to win dis... wish to win...:)

  9. i like to keep my house simple yet classy..with different sesons i keep changing themes..i like little darker shades for winters and florals for summer..i also do a lot of DIY experiments with curtains and table runners..e.t.c
    followed all rules..look forward to win

    1. Kindly complete all the steps by leaving ur details for verification.

  10. Hi Shilpa Madam,

    First of all Thanks for arranged 2nd Blog Anniversary Giveaway for us.

    Follow Alive n Kicking , Jabong, House This facebook and Twitter.
    Follow you and Jabanog on Instagram .
    Shared the giveaway post on facebook & Twitter timeline with my friends.

    Facebook profile link –

    Twitter Profile link-

    Instagrame Name

    Giveaway Twitter link shared

    My Nest is my Home

    ‘Home is where the heart is’. All our innermost feelings, affection and devotion are concentrated in that one little place in the world, the place where we have been brought up, that is, my Nest which is my Home.

    It is the place to which we keep returning to all the time; it is the place which we can never erase from our minds and brings me come back to over there at (Home) everyday.

    I have to spruce up my home with new colourful paints because I have to remove the negativity not only from my heart but also from my home where I stay. Upcoming 2016 will be Bundle of Joy for me. I have to purchase new stylish designs bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers & home decor things from (Jabong) & (House This) site because it will be my pocket friendly price with matching colour of my home & I have strong hope this change interior will definitely work & spread the positivity in my mind & of my family members too.

    Root out the negativity with Jumbo Jabong Ultimate & House This.

    What a wonderful palace home is !...

    Wish to win “Jabond & House This” a makes my Ashiyana Complete. :)

    All steps done.


  11. Hi Shilpa di :) Congratulations! :)
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    I would like to spruce up my home with bright and colorful curtains so that it gives that needed spark in my home. I also need new bed sheet sets for my bedroom in vibrant colors and floral designs so that it gives a whole new vibrant look to my room. :)

    FB share link:
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    Tazyeen Firdous


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