Sunday 19 October 2014

Healthy Child, Healthy World : My entry for #immuneIndia

           Motherhood brings in bundle of responsibilities that keeps unpacking itself from one stage to another. When a new mom is preparing herself for a thoughtful upbringing of her child, the most challenging task is the well-being of the infant.

                Right after few months of my marriage, I had conceived with my only child and everyone in the family was more than delighted with the pleasant news. But as the time passed, I somehow developed some medical complications which lasted throughout the pregnancy term .... and I delivered my baby in seven n half months weighing 1.8 kgs causing loads of medical problems to myself n him too :(

                After his birth, my premature infant was unable to keep himself warm without help, so he was placed inside an incubator for 12 days and used to be brought to me only for feeding..... I had been dying to hug him, kiss him and love him till the time my heart wanted ...but the doctors weren't ready to take a chance. But finally after spending sleepless nights without my baby & by my repeated requests, the doctors allowed me to stay in KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) ward wherein i made my baby in direct skin-to-skin contact wid me by making him sleep over my breast all the time so that he cud get enough warmth from my body. And i was really amazed when doctors told me that his body temperature got regulated at a better frequency following this method.

              This DIVINE TOUCH of mom n child made me believe the fact that AN AFFECTIONATE TOUCH CAN HEAL ALL WOUNDS N CAN SURELY STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTFELT BONDS. The moment of this self-realization suddenly grew me up with a lifelong responsibility to keep another life not only alive, but provide him a secure, lovable family atmosphere always to feel blessed with such parents My son is my first love today and will always be ... !!! I can't ask for anything more treasured from Almighty ever...

                I still can visualize the early days when I had stepped in this phase of motherhood in my life for the first time, circumstances left me helpless, all alone in a new town away from elders who could guide me how to take proper care of my newly-born...

              Thanks to these reliable telecom facilities that proved to be my saviour that time. I used to make frequent calls to my mum or mum-in-law round the clock and they were always full of ideas that turn as effective as 'Sanjeevni Booti' for my baby...

              I had been seriously apprehensive about how to judge what my child is suffering from, when he was crying; what would be the proper cure to be given to him and will that be available that moment for us and much more...but I believe God gives us that much courage and wisdom to tackle every touch challenge as we become 'Mommies'.

              Few of the 'rules of thumb' that I played with, were pre-decided by me even before I gave birth to my li'l I had promised to myself to leave my full time job to be with my baby; breastfeed him for atleast six months without any reason to leave him on other liquid dietary food, not to leave him at the mercy of any day care centres, not using the feeding bottles (after I stop breastfedding him), using home remedies when fallen sick etc.

                And I swear, sticking to these simple conventions set by myself had been really a job as there were situations when I was lured by good job offers, he was fallen ill & didn't feed himself properly and so on... but I was determined not to be weak and not to compromise in his health.
              I personally suffer from severe hereditical dust allergy and when my son was around 3 yrs old, I could recognize the similar symptoms in him causing runny or stuffy nose at regular instances. Without wasting any more time consulting with so-called trained practitioners, I opted for tried n tested formula that my mum used to implement on me n my siblings ;)

              I taught my son to lick almost half spoon of Dabur Chyawanprash in play-way method as he was not convinced to eat something in such unusual brownish black color. Gradually when his taste was developed, he easily agreed to drink a cup of milk with Dabur Chyawanprash on regular basis.

              Interestingly, not only the internal immune mechanism of my weak child got stronger with natural ingredients of Dabur Chyawanprash, but my own allergies almost vanished.
I can't stop admiring the boost in my son's bubbling energy level that keeps him charged up with positive zeal 24x7 and I'm a content mom who can put this tagline on the door of her home .
'A healthy child makes a happy home'

This post has been exclusively written for #immuneIndia campaign of Dabur Chyawanprash  hosted by  Indiblogger. 


  1. My grand parents ate Chwanyaprash , my parents did and even I have grown up eating this
    I love the rich dry fruits flavor - have you tried it Shilpa ?
    There is a mango flavor too

  2. I really enjoyed reading The Swarm. It kept me engrossed from start to finish with only one or two slow bits that I still found interesting. The characters are very well written so you can get into their heads. I thought there was plenty of action interspersed throughout the story, but the non-action was just as good. Excellent explanation of the problem at hand and how it was discovered etc.


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