Sunday 26 October 2014

A Gift of Utility: Matrikas 6 Subjects Notebook Review (Vol III)

Hi Friends,

                  Those of you who are regular readers of my blog might be knowing that I had received some exclusive paper products from Matrikas Paper Products,  and before I could write about them, I genuinely enjoyed using them.

                 I had received these three of the Matrikas products, all of them catering to different needs of every individual i.e. a 'Heal The Planet' Ring Book A5 -Design C (reviewed here), a Chanakya Journal (reviewed here) and a Six Subjects notebook which was under the practical use for last few days and I'm ready to express how it impressed me ;)
              The views mentioned below in this review are fairly provided to me by my brother who is studying Mechanical Engg when he happily accepted this 6 subject notebook from me as a gift yesterday on ocassion of Bhai Dooj :)

             I'm quoting his words here  --
"we, the college students do every possible effort to keep our backpack as light-weight as possible...either by renting a locker to keep notebooks there, borrowing loose sheets from friends during lectures or even mischieviously stealing friends' notebooks to make notes when we are not carrying our own notebooks...Carrying multiple text notebooks seems like an increased burden or discomfort while riding from college to coaching institution to home, coz most of the college students either don't carry a backpack... rather a li'l notebook can be seen rolled in their pockets as a handy textbook...Though this culture of carrying that small textbook offers ease and comfort, but I accept the fact that even the person who writes in them can not easily find which important notes are written where in those messy pages...There are even frustrating moments when those sincere students do bring all their notebooks with them and get to know that 2 or 3 of the professors are not present to take the lecture or when they forget any one of the important notebook amongst the stack of notebooks in the backpack. These confusing situations always remind me of my primary school's 3-in-1 notebook which my teacher asked to bring for writing class tests throughout the year and it was so easy to flip pages for different subjects in that notebook. I'm really pleased that Matrikas designed consolidated 6 subject notebooks for students like me and helped us being more uncluttered at studies. I would definitely recommend this gift of utility to my friends n classmates. Thanks."

This Matrikas 6 Subject Toss & Turn Notebook has 5 colored interleaved sheets to segregate the pages for 6 subjects for visible partition. The standard A4 size pages are as apt for even scanning the written matter from the notebook for xerox or some other use. The notebook is reasonably priced at Rs 277 with single ruled 288 pages in white tint color.
I share one more important aspect of the Toss n Turn Notebook now. On my brother's request, we both did a Pen Test on this notebook and used various types of ink pens, gel pens, ball point pens, sketch pens etc to just scribble our heart out on one of the page in the notebook... because at times when the writing impressions do appear on the back side of the page, it is almost of no use. But to my sheer happiness, the paper thickness and paper quality is amazingly smooth that do not let the back page affect :)

(P.S. This post is written for Matrikas Paper Products' Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign and I have received these products for review purposes, and I have expressed my fair opinion about the product reviewed here. )    


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  1. You look fantastic Shilpa !
    I esp loved the Chanakya cover note book - it is so important to connect with our rich heritage


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