Tuesday 14 October 2014

Get to know my 'Ethnic Charmer' look

 Hi Frenz
                   Most of you might be ready with our action plans of how to look the best for Diwali coz for most of us this 'festival of lights' is meant for drench ouselves in fun, frolic n fervor ...
But I'm more than excited this year, bcz I'm getting ready to collect more wishes than you all ;) ;)
                   No, No!! The reason is not that I'm somewhat special than my lovely readers, but  its bcz my Birthday and my Engagement Anniversary are the two occassions which are co-inciding with my fav festival :D So I want to make it a memorable one ... and I have thought of dressing up in traditional Indian style for the day.

                   My festive look would be entirely ethnic coz throughout the year, I feel sad looking at that "unused section" of my wardrobe consisting of my fav sarees which I can't wear at home or at office otherwise. And festivals are the perfect time to dress  to your hearts content :)

                  So I'm planning my festive look wearing a vibrant embellished saree with skillful detailing of somewhat unique craftsmanship on it, that will spontaneously capture the elegance of Indianess <3

                     With such extravagantly bright or showy outfits, I mostly stick to the minimalistic approach when it comes to jewelery (so that i don't look like a dummy exhibiting jewelery pieces outside a store :P ) .... Only a contrasting neckpiece, a pair of danglers n some matching bangles tinkling in my delicate wrist will be enough to do the magic.

                     For making up the glam looks, I prefer looking aesthetic with my tresses styled untucked or might me partly tucked just like soft waves. And yes!! I'm passionate for lipsticks, so here I experiment with bolder shades always. A lipliner is a must-use for me even in daily routine (don't know whether its 'IN' thing according to style gurus these days or not, but I love an outline defining my lips clearly n neatly).

                      Lastly, wearing a round bindi, painting my nails, darkening my brows n a hint of body mist spray would complete my festive look.

                    So beauties, how do you liked my ideas of dressing up this Diwali !! Do share your precious views in comment section below...
And I would share my pics post Diwali how it actually turned out :) Till Then, keep visiting n keep reading ..bbye!

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