Thursday 30 October 2014

Sweetest Sweetheart Giveaway Winner Announcement

              Struggling with almost dead-speed net conection at my end since last night, I'm here tonight apologising for the delay of almost 24 hours in declaring the winner. Though the entries were thoroughly checked very much on time, but this internet ditched me ;)

Before the winner's name flashes on your screen, I wish to thank each one of my lovely readers for showering their love n constant support to me since day one....

 It took me maximum time selecting the winner of this specific giveaway coz there was neck-to-neck competition between two of our most enthusiastic participants i.e. Hema and Shyla. Two of them had been very very spontaneous throughout the giveaway duration on my various social accounts, but ultimately one lady took the lead in the game ;)

 So here I announce Hema Thakur as my Sweetest Sweetheart who takes the lovely goodie home !!

Congratulations dear Hema, please do message me your complete postal address with pin code & phone number within 24 hrs, else another winner will be chosen. Meanwhile, let me pack your gift to be carefully delivered to your doorstep.

To rest to the participants, here is a sincere promise to you all that the next giveaway will be live soon with more than one winners & better prizes.
Till then, keep visiting & keep reading !!


  1. Replies
    1. dont be disheartened dear Ghun. there will be more giveaways soon.

  2. Ohh I was about to win :( bt I lost ;(
    I got a system problem these days no worries wish to win next time ..congratulation hema

    1. Definitely, it may be lucky you next time as I wud most probably pick more than one winner in next giveaway :) Keep ur spirits high.


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