Sunday 5 October 2014

Dear Earth Fountain of Youth Feminine Wash Review

Its a common phenomenon in India that females of all ages feel uneasy or reluctant to talk about their genital problems. Not only to their physician, but in many cases, even to their parents or spouse too. And this is a reason that most problem go uncured until it reaches an alarming situation.

A  close friend of mine got trapped in similar inconvenient situation due to her hesitation to discuss the issue and is now suffering from severe Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). It prompted me to write about a promising product that can assure you a safer and hygienic genital region by preventing bacterial infections, odors, itching and any other discomfort.

So I'm reviewing Dear Earth "Fountain of Youth" Feminine Wash today..

Qty: 150 ml
Price: Rs 500/-
Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of mfg.
Fountain of Youth feminine wash is very sensitively formulated with USDA and PETA India certified organic and nutritive ingredients such as tea tree oil, rose oil, neem oil, coconut oil and extracts of betel leaves & bermuda grass. These all have excellent rejuvenating and healing properties. Not only that, the product is registered as vegan by the Vegan Society, UK.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a 'press open' kind of cap to open and extract the liquid, which is quite easy n handy way.

The Fountain of Youth Feminine Wash is of very thin watery consistency in neutral color (lighter than the one that is seen in the bottle). Its sufficiently foamy and you need just few drops for one time use. It smells so soothing n mild that once you use it, you naturally start feeling cleaner. And this fragrance lets you fight bad odour. It is meant for external use only, so be careful while applying it and wash the genitalia properly.It doesn't need much effort to rinse it off.

I feel really happy to share that the product is totally chemical free n paraben free, hence can be a part of your daily self-care regime without any worries. I suffered with no itching or irritation after its daily use. Infact its regular use improves texture of  vaginal skin with nutrition n moisture and helps in tightening skin tissues. So it can be used specially by those females who are looking for an appropriate product to tighten their vaginal skin.

The Betel leaf extracts provides freshness all the day long, while tea tree oil is one of the best antiseptic to fight bacterial infections that mostly occur in your mensural periods due to the use of same sanitary pads for longer period and so on. The Bermuda grass (Dhub in Hindi) is known for its medicinal value and thus provides its healing benefits to our private organs too. It gently cures skin allergies that may arise when you are careless in maintaining hygiene.

1. Purely Vegan (as this cute bunny reads) :)
2. Easy Availability online
3. Suitable for daily use.
4. Sufficient quantity to last more than a month.
5. National as well as International Certification for Authentic Ingredients.

I found it a bit heavy on pocket (as I feel some interested users might not buy it just becasue of its price.)

Final Word: I can confidently recommend the Dear Earth Fountain of Youth Feminine Wash to every woman who dare to care for themselves !!

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