Sunday 12 October 2014

Matrikas Chanakya Journal : A Companion Wise Enough (Vol II)

                           Matrikas Paper Products has got me introduced with the exquisitely designed and finished paper products including Diaries, Notebooks, Journals , Office stationery and Social stationery.  The Creative Energies are the real inspiration behind the ideal designing, innovation and expression of these products.
                             I already revealed my exposure to one of their Ring Book here but could not really resist my temptation to write about yet another functional stationary item i.e. a JOURNAL.  So here I go...

                             I had been fortunate to own a masterpiece from their Journals Collection  which are very thoughtfully designed to pay heartfelt tribute to Prominent Personalities or I would better call them as the "Social Reformers" of our nation. A total of 6 designs featuring distinct personalities have been brilliantly compiled by Matrikas as shown below.
Matrikas Personality Journals
                           Chanakya Journal, that I received, left me spell bound with its soft velvetty touch on the cover in subtle sunset golden shade with a maroon motif on the binding edges with cute elephants printed on that. The unique debossing / foil stamping on the hard cover makes the journal a classy accessory when one holds it. And I flaunt it with pride ...

Front Cover Design with Debossed Velvet Feel

As I go through its Specifications:
Model Id: 8906049631552
 Ruling: Single Rule
Dimensions:172x240 mm
No. of Pages: 224  
Price: INR 215

Quotations by the Personality

Short Biography of The Personality

Pages With Monthwise Planner
My exposure with Chanakya Journal:

                      With this journal in my hand, I'm ever-ready to keep my creative juices flowing by jotting down whacky ideas that land my mind out of blue when I am brainstorming for my latest blog assignments & can also manage my priority list with effective planning with the help of daywise planner embedded inside. As an outcome, my confidence level boosts up making me better organized and processing entirely uncluttered thoughts.

                       At times, journaling becomes my outlet for expressing my emotions on paper and treasuring daily life experiences. There is no better way to vent out my innermost feelings n pour out my thoughts in this journal when I need someone (or, something actually). Years from now, when I'll wonder what I had been doing years ago. This journal will remind me of the good and bad times I faced and conquered in past. Well !! I'm determined not to abandon writing this journal in my tough time as well as happy ones to be an authentic record of Self-Reflection :)
                           I feel privileged to gift myself a companion wise-enough to enlighten my path with Chanakya's Pearls of Wisdom on the footer area of every right spread. Because Chanakya Neeti attributes all valuable insights needed to keep me afloat in today's world of competetion and misery!   
                            As my interaction with this journal graduates, I pretend it be a real person and I wanna give it a name too coz I visualize it as my best secret-keeper now ;)          

* Portability (can be tucked easily in bags/briefcases etc.)
* Easy Availability 
* Satin Page Bookmark
 * Excellent Paper Quality to encourage smooth writing.
* Embedded Planner Inside
* Solicitous gifting option    

Final Words:

                     I'm all enticed by the magical experience that I'm enjoying these days with Chanakya's philosophy and getting inspired everyday. So if you are seeking a utilitarian  to maintain your important notes, your action plans, your busy schedule to optimize your precious time, then do own a multi-purpose Matrika Journal.

(P.S. This post is written for Matrikas Paper Products' Scribble Your Heart Away Campaign and I have received these products for review purposes, and I have expressed my fair opinion about the product reviewed here.)             


  1. They are indeed beautiful diaries.

  2. yes..i enjoyed the smooth feel while writing on it

  3. Once again v. innovative product that keeps us in touch with our rich heritage
    I will be buying the Sai book as I'm a huge devotee


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