Sunday 19 October 2014

#GharWaliDiwali never fails to bring smile on my face

                   Diwali is a festival really close to my heart for the reason that it calls for rebonding of people who stay far away. This is the only festival when relative, friends and all near-n-dear ones get together to their homes to celebrate 'togetherness'.  Its the best time when people living in nuclear families once again feel blessed for the golden opportunity to spend few memorable days with family members.         
Reaching home to be blessed by parents on Diwali
                   The colorful surroundings lighting up life reminds me of my childhood days and a lovely feeling of nostalgia takes over me. It makes me feel so deeply connected to my roots as soon as I enter my home town.
Adore the Diwali decor in the town
Rang aur Roshni Bhari Zindagi
attractive eco-friendly earthen Diyas

beautifully crafted statues of your deity

                       Myself being a working woman, its really not possible to go home taking frequent leaves for every festival, but I tell you I have been such a miser in taking leaves throughout the year just to save some for my fav festival and make it worth memorable by making it #GharWaliDiwali :) Coz celebrating the moments of joy n happiness with my mumma n papa is my way to let them feel loved n needed always ....

                      The cozy warmth of mumma's lap can still be felt when she used to cuddle me up as I ran to her feeling scared of continuous whooping sound of crackers. You would feel surprised to know that inspite of so many delicacies being cooked my dearie mom on Diwali, I rarely had dinner ever... becuase Papa prepares such yummy 'Charanamrit' that I cannot resist relishing tummyful of tasty prasad ;)

                   The most excited moment of Laxmi Poojan in my family is when papa puts a silver coin in the Charanamrit bowl and we all curiously expect it to be served in our bowls; coz as per the beliefs the person who gets the silver coin is considered very fortunate :)

                While pining these traditional values from the treasure of my childhood memories, as I came across this lovely PepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali film commercial, it literally left me with moist eyes n choaked throat relating a daughter in so much need of her parents always..  I saulte the idea depicted in the video .... haven't you seen it yet?? then take a look...

                     This Diwali my total commitment is to keep environment n surroundings clean n green. I have been telling imaginary stories to my li'l one to explain how significant impact our efforts can make if we are cautious of our actions on this auspicious day for not spoiling the environment. My junior has happily agreed for not bursting the crackers becuase he doesn't wants to contribute in Noise n Air Pollution :)
                        Infact, One more small initiative that i'm planning to take this year is to move one step further with the national "Swachh Bharat Campaign"  already in full swing in our country, so I have ganged up with my friends and neighbours to clean my locality after the Diwali night, because i have noticed that the next morning goes totally un-attended by sweepers and its too difficult to even cross a road in that situation. Hope my effort will help making the environment cleaner.
                   And yes!! not to forget sharing with you all that this year my b'day co-incides with my fav festival...yayyy!! I am so delighted n excited to celebrate my b'day on Diwali with entire family .. waiting for your good wishes too ;)
My li'l cute composition pours my heart out for what I wish for myself this #GharwaliDiwali...
Itni Si Dua Aaj Khuda Meri Maan Le, 
Pyar Ki Mithaas Meri Zindagi Me Daal De.
Le Aaye Har Uss Insaan Ko Mere Paas, 
Jiska Sath Iss Tyohaar Me Jaan Daal De.
Colorful glimpses of my last year's #GharWaliDiwali

Wish You All A Happy n Safe Deepawali!!
P.S. This post has been written exclusively for Indiblogger #GharWaliDiwali campaign 


  1. I loved the diyas photo you have put up
    Also the statues that we see by the roadside looks so artistic here !
    You look fab


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