Monday 26 June 2017

UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes Review

Your day isn’t always a day under the cool air, so ditch standard sunblocks and reach for sunscreen wipes for heavy duty protection from sun rays. Ethicare Remedies has unveiled their new product UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes which is a transformation of UVMED Sunscreen Gel that I reviewed more than two years back.
Product Claims:
UVMED protects the skin from UVA I, UVA II and UVB. UVMED has oil-free formula so it is ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Regular use of UVMED helps in preventing any type of skin damage done by UV rays. It also prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing. UVMED is useful for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in any season. It does not contain any colourant or perfume that may cause allergic effects. Use UVMED liberally, evenly and regularly (irrespective of season) for best results.

Ingredients: Homosalate, Octyl salicylate, Octrocrylene, Avobenzone, Benzopheonne-3, Tinosorb-M, Perfume
  • UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes come in a box containing 10 towelettes which are packed in individually sealed sachets so the formula won't dry out or evaporate. Each of the sachets has got complete information printed over it.
  • The slim sachets barely take up any room in my bag, so that's my everyday companion to work now. It makes convenient storage in my vehicle's glove box or gear bag with no worries of tubes/bottles coming open.
  • The towelettes are large enough in size to cover my face, neck, arms (you would need more than one if coverage needed for thigh, legs or any other uncovered body parts). The towelette is much easier to apply the product evenly without making a mess of it.

  • These towelettes deliver a quick sun protection wherever I need it without requiring extra time for rubbing in the usual cream or gel formulas. 
  • The scent that you sniff from the sachets is quite refreshing, far away from typical stench that some sunblocks leave behind. The scent dulls after some time and but can be felt if you closely smell you skin.
  • UVMED towelettes are oil-free formula, so are best suited for oily and acne-prone skin type, but it doesn't feel unfit for other skin types as well. Mine being dry skin type got comfortably adjusted to the wipes formula without any allergies or dryness. 
  • These towelettes provide unwavering UV protection under intense exposure to sweat as expressed by my hubby. Since I don't sweat much, I asked my husband to give the product a testing opinion and he quite favoured the product efficiency to work for high-sweat conditions. 
  • UVMED towelette offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 coverage which is a must for hotter region like ours. These wipes are 100% natural and bio-degradable. You can discard each of the wipes after single use. 
The only thing I wish to get improved in the product is it's hydration capability so it gives my skin complete care that it needs.
UVMED Sunscreen Towelette is smarter way to protect your skin from getting sunburned, so next time you wanna buy a sun screen, don't forget to buy the product online at Rs 160 and enjoy outdoors under the broad sunscreen protection of revolutionary product. 


  1. This thing is so helpful..Most of us forget to put sunscreen or won't know the sun is going to be out and will need it. Easy pack wow

    1. Yeah, many people wont use it indoors or in cloudy weather. but using sunscreen is advisable in every weather condition.

  2. Nice innovative product
    They should think of using eco-friendly packing

  3. too much plastic in packing
    otherwise nice product
    will def. buy & try after reading this

    1. I'm ok with packaging as far as it retains product quality.

  4. Ye to bahut kaam ka product hai sunscreen sath me rakhne ki jarurat hi nahi hai, ek sath do kaam 👍👍 individual pack bhi hai to hygienic bhi hai

  5. This seems perfect for when you are on the move.


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