Thursday 15 June 2017

Sun Defense Range from VLCC

VLCC had rolled out a high quality sun care range after extensive technical research that is claimed to be paraben free. It is said to leave no white layer on the skin, while ensuring that the skin is nourished and protected. There are many products in the sun care range of VLCC including sunscreens, face wash and face pack etc that are aimed to provide ultimate sun protection and are packed with unique benefits of respective ingredients. I was sent a few of these to try and this is what I've to share...
The Neem facewash is boosted by Chamomile and Tea Tree as supporting ingredients. It has gel-like texture and consistency. I find its fragrance quite refreshing and not disturbing. It's a great choice for acne-prone skin, but since I'm blessed with clear skin without any pimples, I cannot comment on how effectively it works. My husband who has combination skin, found this facewash suitable during summer days to reduce oiliness of T-zone. When I wash my face with it, I need to feed my dry skin with moisturizer else it stretches. Owing to its herbal ingredients, it's soothing on skin and also easy to carry around. 
Buy at Rs. 49 for 50ml 

The continuously sun-exposed skin is destined to get tanned and patchy. To prevent the skin from darkening, the VLCC Sun Block lotion with SPF 40 is highly recommended. It's enriched with Comfrey plant extract that is a potential herb to heal skin of minor issues. The sunblock smells good and takes a moment to sink in skin. But once it does, it doesn't sweat afterwards. The main reason to like this is the SPF content which is extremely desired by people in hot regions like ours. Priced at Rs 115 for 30 ml
I know summer outing and holidays are fun. No doubt that skin care takes a back seat when we're making moments outdoors hanging out at the pool or the beach. If the skin is exposed to sun and is showing signs of dullness or darkness, VLCC Clear Tan face pack can be opted to get rid of sun tan. The cucumber extract is well known for skin lightening. The pack is in cream form and spreads easily. It's quick to dry up and has to rinsed off. After every use, it reduces the effect of tan from skin and skin looks brighter. Priced at Rs. 110 or 30 ml. These tiny packs are suitable to carry while traveling. 
Another variant of Sun Block is enriched with goodness of Sandalwood. It's a light textured white cream in thin consistency. Its' easy to apply evenly without extra massaging. I remember myself using sandalwood pack during my young days and I trust its efficacy in minimizing darkness of skin arising out of excessive sun exposure. But if the low SPF 20 in the product bothers you, reapplication is the key. All other aspects of a good sunblock are in line with good quality. 
Have you tried any of these products? Which is your favourite?


  1. I love VLCC sunscreens. Haven't tried other products yet. Nice review...

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    1. Thanks! Their product range is really exhaustive with many good ones.

  2. such lovely products
    I have tried their snigdha cream too & it's nice

    1. yeah, I've reviewed Snigdha creams on the blog too.

  3. VLCC has some great products
    I love their lip balms


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