Saturday 10 June 2017

Jolen Sun Shield Crème SPF-50 Review

Yes! I know how badly we are sweating in the hotter regions of India. Most people would know and follow routines and diets to balance hydration of the body and skin. And then comes a burning question, how to save our skin from the havoc created by harsh sun rays. I personally check quite carefully whether the sun shield creme that I'm using lives up to its SPF claim, else the harmful UVA and UVB rays will damage+darken + age the skin much faster than normal.

I've been testing a few sun shield cremes off late and got a great recommendation for my readers today i.e. Jolen Sun Shield Crème. That's my first review for Jolen which is almost 57 years old reputed brand providing beauty solutions universally.

The brand offers sun shield creme in 3 variants that are similar in ingredients, packaging etc but varies in SPF content. The available options are SPF 20, 30 and 50. Obviously I chose to pick highest SPF 50. It's a bright orange n white colored squeeze tube housed in a even brighter orange cardboard box. It's light-weight and tightly-lockable tube making it an ideal on-the-go product. 
The product is a moderately thick white colored creme that is convenient to spread and blend onto skin. It has soft fragrance that will please everyone. It neither look greasy nor feels stretchy. It didn't make me look cakey or washed out like usual powdery products may do. Expect just the appropriate post-application feel and look with highest sun protection for Indian weather. The moisturizing property of Vitamin E suits all skin types, especially for people with dry skin. Though I don't sweat a lot, but applying sunscreens make me sweat. Jolen's Sun Shield made me feel comfortable without any such problem and I liked it more for this reason.
The pros of the product also include ingredients like antiseptic turmeric that can improve your skin tone in long run and prevents minor skin issues too.
This sun-shield is price effective for the quantity it offers. A little quantity spreads to give wide coverage and so the quantity is enough to last long. Do check out for more details and to order 50 ml pack at Rs 150 here


  1. Jolen bleach to use kiya hai 😊
    Agar is sunscreen se sweating problem nahi hoti tab to ye bahut badiya hai 👍👍

    1. I avoid many sunscreens juts bcz they make me feel terrible. but this works better.


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