Monday 5 June 2017

Quench Your Skin's Thirst With Aroma Essentials Body Sorbets

I've been a sucker of moisturizers, lotions, body butters and bath oils since forever. You ask why? Simply because my skin type is such that it can accommodate as much moisture as I pour over it. Gone are the days when I used to stick to traditional mustard oil for its emollient properties. Now I've experienced a number of quality products that offer better miniaturization without being oily. A cool and calming range of 'body sorbets' is my skin's new companion that I received from Aroma Essentials.

Those who are wondering what a body sorbet is, it is a lightly textured formula that instantly melts into the skin and moisturizes the body. I tried Aroma Essentials Sorbets in five variants in following unique scents -
The sorbets are infused with 100% organic Aloe Vera. The additional ingredients in the sorbets supplies nutrients to skin that can address your skin additional concerns. All the sorbets are richly moisturizing and indulgently fragrant. Simply applying a light layer of sorbets makes you feel closely wrapped up in the authentic aroma of natural ingredients used in the formula. The sorbets are quick to sink in the skin and leave your skin feeling silky-smooth. The sorbet's lubrication doesn't stays as long as a body butter or a cream, but nicely softens the skin when applied to pre-dampened skin for a quick moisturization. If you have dry skin type, it'll help to prevent further loss of moisture by creating a barrier. You can apply the sorbets not only on body parts including hands, elbows, legs and feet, but on face as well. There is no stickiness or oily sheen left behind. Each of the sorbets is almost identical in its texture, rigidity and absorbency despite specialized ingredients. 
Lemon Ylang Geranium
Orange Grapefruit
Sandalwood Lavender
 Jasmine Mogra
 Rose Geranium
Using these sorbets not only improves the skin texture topically, but are also believed to heal and balance the 'body chakras' which are the energy centers of our body. You may question whether these chakras actually exist, but can find its mention in ancient Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy concepts. Each of the chakras is directly associated to a specific part and nerve center of our body. When any of the chakras gets unbalanced due to negative energy flowing through it, it disturbs its spinning rate resulting in affecting a part of the body as well as our spiritual and emotional balance.

I'm only recommending to give yourself a gentle dose of body sorbet massage to reap the benefits of aromatherapy and bring your mind, body and spirit balance back.


  1. I have used a couple of these Sorbets, Shilpa. Certianly they're the lightest of all the body creams or moisturisers I've used so far but I think they don't stay for long (my case) because of Aloe vera. It may evaporate soon.

    Anyway, the concept of Chakras as envisaged by Madhu is unique. Like always, she comes with path breaking ideas ��

  2. I thought only TBS made body sorbets :D These natural body sorbets from Aroma Essentials sound tempting...

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  3. Maine abhi tak aisa kuch use nahi kiya hai

  4. These sound so good
    Even Furttini has great body sorbets

  5. initrigued by all the variants
    sounds divine


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