Friday 16 June 2017

Jolen Pure Refreshing & Cleansing 2 in 1 Shampoo Review

I've been using this new Pure Refreshing and Cleansing shampoo from Jolen since past few weeks and am ready to give my opinion on it today.
Jolen Pure Refreshing & Cleansing Shampoo comes in traditional plastic bottle with a flip-open cap. Taking out the product is all easy and non-messy. The bottle has got the information like ingredient list, price, quantity, usage instruction printed on its back side.
It's a 350 ml packaging with a long shelf life of 3 yrs and is available at quite pocket friendly price of Rs. 185. The bottle is big enough to adjust in your travel pouch. I don't think the brand offers a small packaging for this product.
The shampoo is ivory white in colour and has some shine to it. It's neither extremely thick nor runny. I would call it moderately thick and as viscose as I like my shampoo. It has really refreshing fragrance to it and not bothersome at all. This nice smell last in your hands and hair after rinsing off.
For my waist-long hair, I use little more than a coin sized amount of shampoo, dilute it in a cup of water and then massage it on my wet scalp and hair. The shampoo lathers rich and creamy. Despite shampooing on oiled hair, it doesn't take much quantity to cleanse everyday dirt build-up off my hair. The only con about the shampoo is the inclusion of SLS and SLES in the composition which could have been avoided :/ For this reason, I won't recommend using the shampoo on daily basis. Since I rarely use hair styling sprays, gels or creams, I only shampoo my hair twice a week which is safe enough. To check the claims of Jolen shampoo of having in-built conditioning, I skipped using conditioner separately post rinsing off and I didn't feel much requirement of moisturizing my hair.

The shampoo hasn't caused me issues like scratchy scalp, dryness of strands or hair fall. I find the shampoo good to keep my hair clean and smelling fresh.


  1. Jolen k kaafi products hain aur msin abhi tak bleach per hi atki thi 😊
    Shampoo accha dikh raha hai, bahut accha review kiya aapne 👍👍

    1. You're right Anita. Even I had slightest of idea of few products of Jolen. But now I know there are so many. Thanks you liked the post.

  2. was searching for a review. thank you!


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