Friday 21 October 2016

Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum Review

If you are a regular facial moisturizer-user like me and got introduced to serum recently, you might be expecting wrong results from the product. To begin with today's write up, I would specifically like to mention that serum is not a traditional moisturizer that you apply to gain intense hydration, but is applied to help skin retain the moisture. The best sequence to apply a serum is to cleanse the face, apply serum and moisturize over it.

My current skin care routine has got Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum involved in it which claims to lighten and brighten skin tone and boost the skin's moisture levels.
The Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum comes in a cylindrical cane made of plastic. Absolutely convenient to use due to its pump dispenser and travel-friendly due to its light-weight. I like how the top cap shuts with a click on the pump and doesn't loose its grip. The cane is contained in not-so-bright-colored cardboard box.
The exhaustive ingredient list can be referred to on the outer carton along with pricing and quantity details.
This serum is shiny and colorless, similar to a gel in consistency. Despite the gooier and concentrated texture, the serum doesn't feel heavy on skin and absorbs like magic. There is light fragrance to it which doesn't last very long after application, but is quite pleasant. It's good in the sense that I avoid strong fragrances close to my nose ;)
Its a water based serum and so I don't expect it to be that richer in terms of moisturization. The main objective of serum is to deliver a high concentration of its active ingredients and nourish the inner layer of the skin. I use this serum in the morning as well as in the night in combination with my usual moisturizer because my dry skin need extra dose of hydration. It instantly relieves my skin from being stretchy that normally happens with my skin post shower. But those who have oily to normal skin type may complete rely on this serum to ditch their day and night creams. 
The brand has incorporated O2 Active with its patented antioxidant Lingon 50:50 technology for making the product Oxygen active that will help the stressed and dull skin breathe and look healthy after prolonged usage. With a price tag of Rs. 999 for 30 gm, the product seems on pricier end of the cost spectrum, but little quantity per usage makes the product last long enough. 
I recommend the Optimals Oxygen Boost Serum to all those who want to restore the lost skin radiance and to those who want to preserve the good texture of the skin. :)

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  1. Wow! Its awesome... Thankyou for the review dear 😘

  2. This really sounds wonderful

  3. Thanks for the review. An oxygen boost serum sounds awesome. Will definitely try it...

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