Friday 7 October 2016

Unlikely Friendship that changed my life

A lot of people would acclaim that life is incomplete without friends or friendship. But a person who doesn't smile much and walks with long face most of the time doesn't actually deserve to indulge in merriment of friendship. Today, I know that real friendship has that life changing power; but this realization never touched my heart back in 90's during my college days. I would have attended almost cent-percent of my graduation lectures, because making friends and enjoying with them was just a waste of time for me. My classmates would not dare to interact with an 'unsocial and unspirited' person like me. The elements of happiness, blissfulness and ecstasy almost eloped from my life; and poor me could never open my eyes towards the reason why disappointment would blanket me all the time. 

But the fascinating tale of the magical relationship of friendship started during the last phase of my college days when a bunch of my classmates including me co-incidently got common place to work for our training. As usual, I had been pretty nervous, lacking all the self-confidence anticipating things that would never occur. 

Standing in front of office building on the very first day of training punctually on time boosted my morale and I bucked myself up. But the moment I stepped in the office, my confidence evaporated as I found myself so awfully outdated dressed in desi style among the western-cultured tip-top staff. I could not gather courage to punch-in my arrival signatures and stood there muddle-headed for few minutes that seemed longer than life. Everything else flashed in my mind when a familiar voice called my name and touched my shoulder from back. With terrible sadness in my eyes, as I turned back to find my classmate 'Jyoti', she gave me a warm handshake with a big smile on her face and almost wrapped me in her arms congratulating me for grabbing a great opportunity to work at one of the best industry in the town. I swear I can not thank her ever for 'giving' me one of her smile that day which I reciprocated with one of my best smiles full of real gratitude. This was the first 'tiny conversation' that sowed the seeds of 'friendship' between two of us. I started believing that being a friend to someone is the best gift you can give to someone. 
Many a times, she would fill up my dull world with her chirpy conversation about cute girly things and I felt being alive. She would occasionally bring self-cooked dishes to office when she experimented with the most tasteless stuff and would look into my eyes with so much of hope for appreciation. I used to burst into laughter when looking at my expression she would judge the yucky tatse of her dish and would say "arre yaar, bas iss baar thoda thik nahi bana, tu dekhna agli baar ungliyaan chaat ti reh jayegi." Being with a bubbly, jovial friend for many hours every day for almost six month transformed my personality in such a way that my family couldn't help giving the whole credit to Jyoti. She gave a simple but beautiful reply and her words always echo in my heart that "God puts us all in each other’s lives to impact one another in some way. And the kindest of people come in our life as true friends."
I owe my friendly and positive attitude to this girl who gave a meaning to my life. I call her my 'ready-reckoner' coz she won't mind giving me immediate solution to any problem. Our friendship is anew and afresh after more than 15 years now and we have faith to lift up each other's spirits no matter what may come.

I really feel moved when come across stories of 'Friendship' and this is why I'm setting my clock for 8th October at 8 PM to watch Yaaron Ki Baraat on Zee TV that brings together two living legends of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha for the very first time on a television chat show.

Lets Celebrate friendship with #YaaronKiBaarat

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  1. Awwwww ^_^ so sweet... Frnds who be with us during our thick and thin, are a blessing!


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