Monday 3 October 2016

Disney Themed Kids Products From Biotique - Product Review

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Today I'm introducing a popular ayurvedic brand on my blog that is known for offering authentic and 100% vegetarian skin care, hair care and wellness products for men, women and kids of all age groups. The name Biotique is not new to those who pamper themselves with organic products.

At Biotique, hybrid plant and plant extracts are combined with biotechnology to produce highly effective products. All their products are designed, manufactured and packed by qualified Ayurveda Doctors, Swiss Cosmetologists and Dermatologists since last 25 years.

Recently, the brand partnered with Disney India and launched a special range of preservative-free, organically-pure products for kids and babies. I was sent a mix of the complete range for my child including Bio Berry Body Wash, Apple Twist Shampoo, Honey Sunshine Nourishing Lotion and Bio Almond Oil. 
Since all the products are especially created for our little ones, not only the mild formulation is kept in mind, but also the packaging is done in catchy color theme. The body wash and massage oil are packed in sleek cylindrical plastic bottles, while the shampoo and body lotion are packed in flattened plastic bottles. Both the types of bottles have convenient opening to take the product out. The quality of bottle material is undoubtedly one of best in the line.

You can't avoid noticing the cute compelling characters inspired from Disney stories printed on each of the product labels viz. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Micky Mouse, Lightning McQueen that kids would surely adore :)
After having the first hand experience of all these 100% natural products for more than a fortnight, here is an exclusive review:

Bio Almond Massage Oil:
Massage is the time when mommies get to strengthen their affectionate bond with their babies. An good massage oil and motherly touch make an excellent combination. Biotique's Almond massage oil is one of the best choices to use on babies because it is an outstanding blend of many oils like Kusumbhi Oil, Neem Oil, Soya oil, Erandi oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame Oil and Almond Oil. This concoction makes oil naturally rich in emollients and pure enough for baby skin. This gentle oil is thin, non-sticky and light on skin to help it absorb easily. The mild, sweet scent of the oil is absolutely non-irritant for baby as well as mother. The faint golden yellow color doesn't transfer onto baby sheets or clothes. Its quite effective to improve skin's condition by curing scaly rashes or dry flaky skin etc. 
Price: 150/- for 200 ml.

Bio Berry Body Wash:
This is a refreshingly smelling, neutral colored liquid in moderately thick consistency and contains Banhaldi, Tesu, Neem, Gajar, Ritha, Madhu and Ghrit Kumari as the key ingredients. The mommies can pour in required quantity in baby's bathtub or can use a soft, wet washcloth to rub the product on skin while bathing the baby. It's a rich-lathering, but an ultra-mild cleanser for your baby’s delicate skin that leaves the skin soft, smooth and moisturized.
Price: 180/- for 200 ml. 

Apple Twist Shampoo:
Removal of dirt, sweat, dust particles and oil from hair and scalp of baby's scalp should be done with an extra-tender shampoo. Biotique's Apple Twist Shampoo is a 100% soap free shampoo. Its a natural blend of pure green apple extract, sea algae and centella to cleanse delicate hair and scalp of the baby without causing dryness. It doesn't sting or irritate baby’s eyes. It boasts of being pH balanced, no-tear formula. I personally loved its invigorating green color and fruity scent very much ;)
Price: 175/- for 200 ml. 

Honey Sunshine Body Lotion:
There are occasions when you may want to provide your baby's skin a nourishing layer of hydration any time of the day (other than bathing time) to maintain the suppleness of the skin. A body lotion comes handy in such situation to keep dryness at bay. Honey Sunshine body lotion made from choicest ingredients like Ghrit Kumari, Methi, Madhu, Ankurit Gehun, Kusumbhi Tail, Moongphali Tail nurtures baby's skin with all natural botanicals extracts. Its a great product to include in night time baby care routine. It has efficacy to make skin look healthy and glowing without being greasy. It's soothing fragrance lingers on for some time and keeps the baby smelling nice.
Price: 280/- for 190 ml. 

There are many other products in Biotique Baby and Kids line and the entire Disney product range is available on Amazon, FirstCry, Nykaa, eBay etc. to order online. So give your kids an engaging bath time with these organic, chemical free products.


  1. My sister in law uses the same thing.. her daughter loves the packaging.

  2. The packaging is so cute. The kids are surely going to like it :)

  3. So cute yr... My niece will love it!


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