Wednesday 26 October 2016

Oriflame Very Me Metallic Nail Polish in Aqua Green- NOTD

I recently got a metallic nail polish from Oriflame from their Very Me collection in shade Aqua Green. I chose this shade for its warmth and depth of color intensity. It won't fall into the color spectrum of basic green, and has a beautiful aquatic punch to it.
The nail paint comes in not-so-fancy glass bottle with a black screw cap similar to most nail paint packaging. I don't mind simple packaging rather concentrate more on the product efficacy ;) The shade name, shelf life and quantity etc is labeled on the bottle.
You will see the Very Me Metallic Nail Polish is printed in shiny font on the bottle for the obvious reason :)
The consistency of the nail paint is medium thick which is just the apt for smooth finish in one swipe of brush. I got nice coverage in single swipe when applied on base coat. But I loved the intense color after second coat. The longevity of the nail paint is 4-5 days for me without top coat surviving all household, but it lasts longer if covered with a good quality top coat.
The nail paint dries up pretty quick. It's a rare case with me to achieve a flawless nail paint without getting it spoiled on any of the fingers. But honestly, it didn't happen with this nail paint.
Talking about its final finish, I'm in love with the pearly metallic look it creates and it certainly calls for ordering another shades from same collection. Because they have many more fashionable shades like Blue Passion, Gold Rush, Moonlight or everyday wearable shades like Pink Pearl, Sweet Candy, Twilight Dust. Each of them is priced at Rs. 189 for 6 ml.
Take a look which shade you like more or else click here to buy the one that I ordered. If you have an affinity for metallic nail paints, I recommend you to try this range.


  1. The shade has a gorgeous metallic sheen. Looks pretty.

  2. Very nice review and the nail polish is pocket-friendly... I loved Gold Rush and Aqua Green


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