Wednesday 19 October 2016

Organized My Vanity - Courtesy BornprettyStore

Being an excessive makeup and jewelry accumulator has never been my wish; but I have amassed an impressive collection of cosmetics and fashion jewelry in past months. And when a woman has so much in her treasure trove, its actually crucial to store everything in a tidy and structured manner.

I'm in a habit of not displaying my cosmetics collection on the counter space as it tends to fall down accidentally and break at times. And who doesn't know the pain of losing your favourite beauty products ;) Just to avoid this feeling, I was searching for a good and affordable makeup organizers which I found on my most-loved website and I ended up ordering two different styles of storage organizers.

That's a three-layered detachable storage box made of fine quality, clear plastic.
The partition done inside each layer is also removable, which simply enables me to enlarge the size of a compartment as per my needs to store bigger-sized items.
The stack-n-snap design of the storage box make it possible to add-on additional trays if I want. The handle on the top makes it convenient for me to carry around. The see-through material is another plus for the container that allows you to open only the layer in which your specific article is contained.
It's an excellent option to create a chic, space-saver jewelry closet. And not to forget people like my mom who is a DIY enthusiast and loves spending her free time stitching and handcrafting beautiful stuff. This kind of storage organizers can definitely make life simpler for her by holding all her knick-knacks in one box. Wish to gift her similar one when I meet her next time. <3

A multipurpose storage bag was another items on my wishlist, so ordered this Multipurpose Storage Bag.
It's a multi-pocketed bag with two zip closures and loop handles on the top to make it travel convenient. I store sleeker products in the zip pockets like nail sticker strips etc.
Its made of durable nylon material and sits pretty on my counter holding all my makeup brushes, eye liners, lip liners, mascara etc safely. Not only the cosmetics, but small household objects that usually get misplaced can be contained in the bag.
When not in use, you may button up the bag from both sides and squeeze it for a flattened shape. A genius design certainly !!
My shopping list doesn't get over with these organizers ;) I bought a statement necklace in floral pattern that I had ordered earlier in white color. I wanted one in bright yellow color, so thought of getting the same elegant design. I'm planning to style this necklace on my birthday this Sunday and will share the pics soon :*
I'm really delighted with my haul beyond just makeup and ornamental pieces. I recommend you all to shop from and don't forget to use coupon code WEMT10 that is valid on any non-discounted products sitewide to get 10% off .


  1. really liked that bag
    loved your collection too

  2. not a big fan of plastic
    but your jewellery is very nice

  3. Loved it!The statement necklace is pretty :*

  4. These look really nice for organizing.

  5. Don't like plastic box much but yours is very pretty


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