Sunday 14 August 2016

VLCC Snigdha Everyday Skin Whitening Essentials Kit Review

VLCC skin care has a Skin Whitening products' category wherein they offer an array of products meant for improving the skin tone. This range is named Snigdha which is a hindi word and means resplendent or shinning. 

All the products in this category have a cute white n pink colored packaging theme. This category includes face wash, mask, day cream, night cream, and serum. Though the products are available for individual purchase, the brand has packed three of the products namely Day Cream, Night Cream and Face wash to constitute a lovely kit.
Before I talk about my experience with these products, I would suggest you to note that the kit is priced at Rs 810/- which totals for only Day Cream and Night Cream price that's Rs 405 each and the benefit of purchasing the kit is that you get the face wash worth Rs 155 for FREE.
As mentioned, the kit has a day cream, a night cream and a face wash in it. The creams have identical packaging, only the labels on the containers differ in description of the product. The cream containers look decent yet stylish due to their nice dome-shaped screw lid. The facewash comes in usual tube format and has flip open cap.
Ingredient List : The exhaustive list of ingredients of all three products is printed on the kit and also on each product respectively.
My Experience  Expectations:
Who doesn't want to flaunt fair skin? Most women would do anything to look fairer than how they look. But I swear I'm not a part of that race, despite the fact I'm not a fair-looking beauty. I totally admire my skin tone whatever name it has ;) So using these so called 'skin whitening' product range, I didn't have slightest of the expectations to look fairer in next few weeks or so.

My Experience:
On the brand's recommendation, I've been feeding my facial skin with natural skin essentials offered in form of these creams after cleansing the face with the face wash for more than a fortnight on regular basis. The only primary concern was whether these products are friendly for my skin type or not.

The face wash having Aloe Vera and Saffron extracts is so invigoratingly scented that I feel myself surrounded by aromatic flowers. Though the smell fades away as you wash splash water on your face, but leaves you really rejuvenated.
The glossy textured, white colored face wash has runny consistency and requires just two drops to clean the top surface of facial skin gently. The skin neither feels stretchy nor greasy, so it may suit all skin types. It gives a temporary glow to skin that shows the removal of pollutants off the skin to help the skin breathe well.
After a morning face cleansing, I apply the day cream before I leave for office. The Snigdha Day Cream has Liquorice and Mulberry as the main ingredients. Liquorice, the root extract is infused with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents skin darkening caused by sun damage and fades away pigmentation. Mulberry regulates the process of melanin synthesis and helps in formation of a protective pigment found in inner layers of epidermis.

The day cream is light on skin and penetrates into skin with light massage. It settles into matte finish, but without leaving a whitish cast behind. Initially it felt not-so-moisturizing, but as I leave it for few minutes, the cream blends nicely to make the skin feel better & look even-toned. The best part of the Day Cream is that its enriched with SPF 25 which is just the fine (but could have been better with PF 30+).
The night skin care regime again involves removing the dirt and grime off my face using the face wash and then applying the Snigdha Nigh Cream. The night cream is made up of Comfrey and Niacinamide. Comfrey initiates cell regeneration, aids wound repair, accelerates skin healing, and possesses anti-inflammatory property. Niacinamide has skin lightening and anti-ageing properties.
The night cream is on greasier side as compared to day cream. It feels more of a heavier emollient and gives extra hydration on application. It truly satisfies the need of ultra-moisturization for my dry skin. I get up in the morning wearing genuinely revitalised skin.
After a continuous use of these products (mainly the creams), I can conclude that Snigdha product range from VLCC syncs quite well with my dry skin type and provide nourishment to keep it supple n healthy. It has promoted even-complexion and fine texture on my face. I expect to flaunt firm and flawless skin better way in coming time..

Have you used any of these products? Do let us know how did you feel about these..

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  1. Nicely reviewed. Have never tried any products from VLCC. Will give this a try...


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