Wednesday 17 August 2016

Nelf Fabulash Mascara Review

A must-use cosmetic to define your eyes in just a few strokes is a good Mascara. You may be using it every day or on special occasions, but you can't miss flaunting fuller, thicker, longer eye lashes to pull together a beautiful facial look :)

I received Nelf Fabulash Mascara as a part of the vanity kit they sent me over more than a month ago. I've been using it every now and then (not every day) since then, so here is a quick review on it.

Product Info:
Stack ‘em up! This incredible fiber formula stacks your lashes with all of the drama you could ever imagine. In just three simple steps, you’ll be batting luscious-looking lashes and collecting suitors wherever you go.

The Fabulash Mascara from Nelf is a black, cylindrical, non-curvy packaging with a silver screw cap on its top. There is nothing fancy about the packaging, but it looks classy. Its spill-proof and sturdy, making it travel-friendly too.
There is an outer cardboard box in which the mascara is packaged. You may find the price, shelf life, ingredients list on the box.
The bristles on the mascara wand are uniformly distributed and are able to create volume due to its length.
The Fabulash Mascara is available only in Black color. Though the packaging reads 'Blackest Black', but its not deep enough to be called as blackest.
When I used this mascara for the first time, it coated every lash including those hard-to-reach lashes that I never knew existed. The bristles (spikes) are thin enough to separate and highlight my dull lashes. The application is quite smooth. The product is not so thick to clump, if you are wanting to layer 2-3 strokes. It dries up quickly and not tough to remove. I prefer to use olive oil on a soft cotton pad to take it off my lashes and it works great. When on lashes, it doesn't sting or irritate skin around eyes.
For its longevity, it stayed almost 6 hours on my lashes and didn't fade out (though I had been careful not to rub my eyes like I usually do).

I honestly didn't achieve very nice curled-up look, probably because of my small lash length only, otherwise the mascara bristles are aptly designed for the same and would definitely work for other. (I want to make it clear here that I don't use fake lashes.)
There is an unpleasant smell in the mascara, but that won't reach your nostrils when mascara is applied. I just sniffed it intentionally to test whether its fragrance-free. ;)
The only limitation of the product is that I would smear if comes in contact with water or something oily.
Its priced at Rs 375 for 7ml
All in all, its an affordable mascara that doesn't bunch the lashes, rather separates them precisely. It takes just the right amount of drying time and can be removed without harming your delicate eyes. So its a good option to make our lashes appear visibly longer and thicker for few hours.

*PR Sample.

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  1. Nelf is a new brand for me but the review is so impressive


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