Sunday 21 August 2016

Fuschia Activated Charcoal Face & Body Detoxifying Scrub Review

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How's the changing weather treating you? At my place, the weather being occasionally pleasant, humidity is still disturbing the relaxed state of body and sweat the skin during day time. And when one has to go out and drive long distances, there is no way avoiding getting affected by environmental pollutants :(

I absolutely love using natural products to keep my skin in a healthy state and so, you will find me writing and populating such great chemical-free products most of the times. Today, I take pleasure to jot down my experience about an all-natural Activated Charcoal Face & Body Detoxifying Scrub from Fuschia.

Product Info:
Enriched with Activated Charcoal, a superb absorbent, this scrub gently draws out impurities and toxins from your skin. This scrub is most suitable for oily and acne prone skin.

Directions for use: 
Apply the scrub to moist skin and rub it in a circular fashion. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil

Price & Quantity: 450/- for 100 gm.
Packaging: Fuschia Activated Charcoal Face & Body Detoxifying Scrub came in a transparent tub with metalic silver screw cap that is a standardized packaging style for most of their creams and scrubs. The label on the cap shows the brand logo, product name, weight and its key ingredients. Though the price and shelf life of the product go missing from this label, which should have been printed along. I wish the brand could have provided a small spatula with the pack, but otherwise its a convenient to use pack with broad opening.
The scrub is cream based in nature and has pale brownish color when you look inside the container. The brand claims the product to be free of artificial tints and synthetic perfumes which makes the scrub more skin friendly. The minute exfoliating granules are sufficiently mixed in the creamy scrub and can be seen clearly.
I have used the scrub on face as well as body skin, and it has done deep exfoliating is super purifying manner. On the face, the skin on both sides of nose have become smooth and tiny white heads have disappeared after few uses. Even there is reduction is appearance of black heads, but not completely. I feel it can further reduce after continuous use.
My skin type being on dry side, I'm always on a look out for products that have moisturizing effect so that it doesn't aggravate the dryness issue. Sometimes I completely skip using an otherwise great product just because it irritates my skin. 
This scrub is a balanced formula having Activated Charcoal and some essential oils like Olive Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. While activated charcoal draws excess oil, bacteria, dirt, toxins and other impurities from the surface of skin; the essential oils work to replenish the skin with its moisturizing worth. I actually leave a thin layer of the scrub on my moist face for few minutes like a mask and then massage it, so that optimum benefits can be obtained to achieve a flawless complexion. Another good aspect of the product it that it doesn't feel sticky while applying or while rinsing (as some of you may expect from a charcoal based product). A light-hand touch on skin easily washes the scrub off the skin. The scrub smells quite energizing. I like that the smell lingers on for some time without bothering my nose. 
The charcoal scrub is said to be suitable for oily, acne prone skin too, just ensure not to be harsh on skin already affected with acne to intensify the problem.

To conclude, Fuschia Activated Charcoal Face & Body Detoxifying Scrub can be directly associated with soft, supple, detoxified skin and it is free of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates to be more lovable :)

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  1. I love Fuschia products. I have tried their pomegranate scrub and loved it. This seems like a great scrub for oily skin.

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  2. Sounds promising. Great review.


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