Monday 15 August 2016

Product Review- Fclin Shampoo & Seren Conditioner from Ethicare Remedies

Ethicare Remedies have premium quality products for our different personal care needs. In past two years, I've tested and reviewed most of their products. In this post, I'm focusing on two of their 'hair care' products which are Fclin Shampoo & Seren Conditioner.

What does the brand claim for these products?
The Fclin shampoo is specially designed for clogged follicles of hair to unclog them and hydrate dry, damaged and rough hair. It gives long lasting moisturisation and nourishes hair, hence enhancing the natural shine. It improves the condition of damaged hair. Fclin shampoo has perfect combination that reduces the formulation of split ends, gives the conditioning effect and reduces the itching. Cleansing effect of Fclin leaves hair smoother, shiner and silkier than ever. It is ultra mild cleanser which supports hair re-growth. It can be used daily for better results.
Unique hair fiber sealing property of Seren Nutri Repair Conditioner strengthens each hair strand. Helps to treat split ends. Instantly smoothens and softens hair giving it silky feel and manageability. U.V. filter in Seren conditioner protects from U.V.damage. Anti oxidants protects hair from oxidative damage. Suitable for all age groups. Compatible with all hair growth treatments.
Shampoo Ingredients:
Conditioner Ingredients: There is only key ingredients list on the packaging. Wish to have the packaging improved with detailed composition printed on the tube.
FClin shampoo is dedicated to address the hair problems arising out of clogged follicles. Usually the clogging happens due to building up of pollutants, cosmetic products and dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp that doesn't let the hair follicles grow. And result is slow growth of hair, excessive hair fall, itchy scalp etc.

I'm also among many of those who can't claim their hair to be enjoying best of health. Though none of the hair and scalp problem is permanent for me, but seasonal issues keep on arising that I need to tackle smartly. I have used Fclin shampoo for 5-6 washes on alternate days. The shampoo is a transparent liquid in runny consistency. I cannot trace any smell in shampoo or I can say its such a faint smell to be noticed. There are people who like fragrance-free products, but I wish it had some pleasant fragrance. The shampoo is mild on scalp+ hair and treats existing issues like minor scalp infections etc. Due to its mild nature, I need to either use double the quantity even on unoiled hair and that's why I'm already through 70% of the total quantity in the tube. I wish there was a bigger and economic packaging available as well. ;)
Post rinsing the shampoo, I didn't feel much requirement of a conditioner, but its customary to give a dose of moisturization to my hair just like I do for skin, so I used Seren nutri repair conditioner after every wash. That's a thick white colored cream that smells really nice. And this is why it didn't bother me much about missing fragrance in shampoo :) The conditioner is quite easy to spread and doesn't make hair oily which I appreciate. You need tiny amount of conditioner for single use, so a tube of 100 ml would last for good number of washes. After a thorough light massage of conditioner on rinsed yet wet hair, the hair has to be washed again. The combo of shampoo and conditioner in totality give my hair lovely bounce and silky texture. The hair are not weighed down rather feel voluminous.
Last but not the least, the products are claimed to be Phthalate free, Dermatologically tested, SLS/ SLES free & Paraben free which is admirable and worth trying.

P.S. The brand also has Seren Extra Mild Shampoo (reviewed here) which can be used in perfect combination with Seren Conditioner.

Price, Qty, Availability:
FClin Shampoo - Rs. 160 (100 ml)
Seren Conditioner - Rs. 144 (100 ml)

*PR Sample.

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  1. A paraben-free and SLS/SLES free shampoo at an affordable price sounds great. Will try it...


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