Tuesday 23 August 2016

Natural Baby Bodycare Product Range From Aroma Essentials

Keeping in tune with the trend of my blog to feature natural handmade products, I decided to do an exclusive feature for kids body care products. The foremost thought for a brand that has crafted some gentler products with loads of care and love, I could name Aroma Essentials without second thoughts. The talented artisan Madhurima gladly agreed on the proposal and sent me a boxful of handmade stuff to clean and care for my boy from head to toe. The products included Baby Oil, Baby Soap, Baby Ubtan and Hair Cleanser. After using the products for weeks now, here is my honest opinion about all of these.
The Baby Oil is a blend of Almond Oil and Rose Oil/ Vetiver. The light golden colored oil has unique exotic aroma. And it looks so beautiful with dry rose petals swimming in the pool of oil ;)
The new mommies can give a pre-bath massage to their infants with this oil or can use it as a post-bath body lotion. And the mommies like me whose kids are bit older like mine, can massage their kid's body skin during or after bath with this oil to lock in moisture into skin.
The oil is light on skin and doesn't feel sticky. As I give a massage to my child, I feel its aroma gives a soothing, calming effect. Its a multi-purpose oil and can also be used for head massage. 
In sync with the Almond based baby oil, there came a lovely pink color soap made of trusted ingredients Almond Powder, Almond Milk and Masoor Daal.  I swear when I find some kitchen ingredients used in skin care products, my faith n expectations in the product go really up ;) 
This oval-shaped soap came wrapped in a thin cling sheet with the label mentioning only the product name. 
The soap has tiny coarsely-grained particles embedded on one side which I think is ground masoor daal. In the first few uses, you'll feel the particles touching your skin, but as the top layer of soap gets melted after few days, the particles will come on surface of soap and start working as exfoliator (as you may notice in the first image above).  
For the kids, I recommend to parents to use the scrubbing side of soap very gently to avoid scratching their skin. And if you are using this soap for little ones, simply use the plain side to cleanse their delicate skin (as seen in image below). The soap smells nice and not overpowering which is good for kids.
Now here if some parents want to avoid using a soap for their kids and need a traditional alternate, we have this Baby Ubtan for them. Its a dry composition of Honey, Oats, Kesar, Almonds, Masoor, Kachur and Triphala. I mix a spoonful of ubtan in cold milk to make a paste and rub it on my kid's body. It would  requires some time to prepare a smooth paste (don't mind if you need to use your fingers too) ;) I'm using it occasionally to clean my child's legs as there are some old allergy marks on his legs and I feel it may lighten those if used religiously.  
Apart from the skin care products, I received a mild Hair Cleanser as well. It's a light pink colored thick cream made of Castile Soap with Olive, Castor and Lavender oil. Needless to say, it smells quite bracing. A little amount of this hair cleanser has to be diluted in water and then be used like a usual liquid shampoo. Despite its mild formulation, the cleanser removes oil, dirt and sweat residues from scalp and hair very efficiently. I never felt re-applying it on my child's thick hair for proper cleaning.
I'm  We're (me and my son) really glad to find these skin-friendly, non-toxic, handmade products which can be used on delicate baby skin without worries of any side-effects.
The only thing I wish is to have the ingredients list and usage instructions printed on the product labels just like the hair cleanser has got.
I'm sure you must be wanting me to tell you where and how to order these products from? So you may drop a direct message at Aroma Essential Facebook page to place your orders and give your kids a nature inspired bathing experience :)

Hope you find the post advantageous :) Do share your views..

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  1. Great post. Can it be used on adults as well?

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    1. oh there is no harm if adults can use any of these products. Infact, I have used the soap on myself too ;)

  2. Great information shared by you can I use it for my daughter who is 2.5 year old

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  4. Thanks for this post,was really looking for something like this for my daughter.


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