Monday 7 May 2018

Ethnicity For An Urban Woman - An OOTD ft. Jivaana

There is no substitute for happiness that I get from shopping ;) Come on, knowing your stress-buster is a legit reason to give yourself a high! I simply live by "Shopping is ALWAYS a good idea." And online shopping is the easiest way to treat myself with a relaxing therapy. So this time I shopped at a fantastic online marketplace - Jivaana.
Let's get familiar-
Jivaana offers a wide mix of carefully-curated ethnic clothing, bright jewellery, bold accessories, and playful footwear that are perfect for your special occasions. Whether it’s a lunch with the ladies or a night-time sangeet, you can find something perfect for you.

The portal reveals new designers and products weekly, so you’ll always discover something special and amazing on every visit. Make sure to look in every corner, because around every page, Jivaana is overflowing with treasures that are sure to become favourites in your collection. So come on - shop, explore, or play whenever it strikes your fancy.

What I grabbed-
Bangles are believed to be the oldest of the ornaments that women started wearing ever since the existence of civilisation. Ranging from traditional glass bangles to chunky bracelets, there are perfect accompaniments to traditional or western outfits. During an online jewellery shopping spree, I fell head over heels for this simple band-like hammered bangle for everyday use. 
The uneven, textured finish of the bangle is the catch of this piece that makes it look absolutely distinctive. Perfect to style single or stacked with other bangles with same or different coloured stones would let you ace an on-trend look. This stunning bangle made of brass and encrusted with red stones is an exquisite piece from designer Matree that goes beautifully with ethnic and modern outfits alike.
I personally liked styling it elegantly without any stacking..and needless to say, it added a delicate femininity to my wrist. 

Other than ethnic jewellery, classy footwear are my next love. Those who know me well would understand that I simply can't get enough of these. Change in season, shoe styles, variation in colours/ patterns or any similar reasons - I just look for an excuse to invest in new shoes all the time ;) And why not! good shoes are the ultimate accessories for style-minded women. Driven by the desire to obtain something new, I explored ethnic footwear section on Jivaana and looking at these blue grey heels from the house of Colaba Causeway, I could only acclaim, "oh, these are just for me." 
The laser cut work on the non-glossy sandals looked incredibly attractive.
And hey! how cute are these knotty strings at the back of the sandals. BTW these strings are detachable.

The fantabulous shopping experince I had with Jivaana made me smile from ear to ear. I bet you'd love Jivaana's exclusive assortment of products that you need to be the talk of the town. Other than footwear and jewellery, you may shop for delightful clutch and potli bags, designer clothing and may access to a dedicated section for bridal stuff.
So let your hunt for trendy, affordable fashion stuff come to an end with I'm all ears to know your thoughts on the products I bought and the look I created.


  1. I love everything about your outfit, but I particularly love that bangle! I don't have a lot of red anything -- clothes, jewelry, shoes -- because I think it washes me out. But I could TOTALLY rock that bangle!

  2. i love the bangles, it kinda new to me to wear. but it worth trying. your ootd is stunning indeed.

  3. I would've gone with the bangles as well. They're beautiful. I like the jewel on it and its color.

  4. I love that bracelet. It is such a beauty. I love shopping too.

  5. Those shoes are too cute! I love the bangles as well. Great choices overall.

  6. Looks like they’ve got everything you need in one click! Your selections are so adorable, as with the photos you shared. Happy shopping!

  7. I also like the textured finish look of the bangle, you don't see that too often. Those shoes look really comfortable, I feel I could walk a day in them and forget I was even wearing them.

  8. I love the bracelet-bangle. It looks super pretty. And the rough look gives it a nice rustic charm.

  9. I like your gold bangle. It's charming and gives a bold statement :D Do they have it in different colored stone?

  10. Ok, I’m obsessed with that bracelet! I need to go buy that now!!

  11. Such a pretty bracelet! What stone is that? It looks very similar to a Ruby!


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