Friday 18 May 2018

InstaCuppa Travel French Press - My On-The-Go Partner

I like my coffee only when it's prepared by me. Sounds strange? But yes, I'm as weird as this sounds. This habit of mine stops me from accepting any invites for coffee at my friends' place (but I'm open to fruit drinks/fresh juices, if you're planning to invite me) ;) Even at my workplace where most of my colleagues desperately wait for their coffee during short breaks, I never buy myself a cuppa because I simply cannot manage to drink it. Well! I know there are plenty of options in the market for travel mugs in which I may carry my homemade coffee while commuting and running around at office. But somehow I had a feeling that carrying my drink in those mugs is a compromise in the taste if I get to drink my coffee after 2-3 hours.

To rescue from all my concerns, now I've found InstaCuppa Travel French Press that is a revolutionary product in the sense that it serves me my beverage without using those elaborate coffee machines. Let me show you how...

InstaCuppa Travel French Press is a portable coffee-brewer cum coffee mug made of 18/8 stainless steel that looks classy and won't rust. It's BPA free and is quite sturdy quality-wise. I'm sure it's made to last. Do notice the textured cup sleeve grip in the middle of mug that ensures non-slip grip.

It has a vacuum-sealed, double-walled design that not only makes the beverage retain its temperature for long hours but also stays cool to the touch when you hold it in your hand. Despite containing the hot beverage, the mug remains sweat and condensation-free.
Now coming to the coffee-brewing part, this french press has got a easy-to-pump single arm press on its top lid that needs to be pressed manually after adding the ground coffee powder and boiling hot water into the mug. There is a plunger attched to the arm press that is made of fine mesh in the same way as the InstaCuppa classic coffee maker features.

Mesh Plunger

Once the plunger is fully pressed, the coffee is ready. Just screw-in the tight-fitted lid and drink the coffee whenever you need a sip. The mug serves 400ml of coffee in one time that's enough for 3 cups of serving.

A special mention for the leakproof mug design and spill-proof drink spout that lets you enjoy your beverage with creating any mess.

The dimensions, size and weight of the mug are completely compatible to the mug-holder of my car, so I need not fret for accidental falling of the mug while driving. It also fits perfectly in the pocket of my backpack when I'm on camping or just roaming in local markets carrying it along.
This lovely coffee-maker that saves you from drinking undesired flavoured coffee is easy on pocket too. You may order it at Rs. 1299 from Amazon. Available in black colour also.


  1. Such an innovative and useful product. Very good for making coffee on the go. Thanks for sharing...

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  2. This looks like a nice handy dandy french press. I've never seen a to-go one before this.


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