Saturday 26 May 2018

All About Panty Liners ft. Bella India

In the era of technological awareness, most women are aware what a panty liner is. But for those, who have just heard about these and not used any yet, I would like to throw some light on the matter.

What is a panty liner?
Panty liners are feminine care products made to be lined the inner side of your panties. They look similar to a sanitary pad, but are thinner and lighter.

Why to use a panty liner? 
Though these liners appear same as of a pad, they are not intended to absorb the menstrual flow during the periods of a woman. The main purpose to use a pantry liner is to absorb light vaginal discharge or urine leakage. Many women face the issue of little vaginal discharge after physical exercise, due to weakness or for any other reason when they lose bladder control. In any of such situations, panty liners can be your saviour. Moreover, who doesn't like a clean and dry inner wear at all times, so pick and stick a liner inside your panty to catch that little flow.

When to change?
Depending on the purpose for which you're wearing a liner, the duration may vary. If you wore it expecting your periods and it didn't begin, don't just leave it unchanged imagining it's clean. If you’re wearing it overnight for holding white discharge, it’s good to change it first thing in the morning to prevent an overgrowth of invisible bacteria. Lastly, if you've placed it for enhance protection with a tampoon, do change it like you do for a sanitary pad that is immediately after it's done to capacity.

Best Panty Liners For A Healthy You
I'm sure you won't like the idea of placing a synthetic material close to your delicate area. Obviously, this everyday hygiene product has to be made from safest fabric that is gentle to touch and does the job. I had done a collaborative post with Bella India few months back and after using their quality sanitary pads, I was keen to try their liners range too. So here is a detailed presentation on the vast offerings by the brand. 
Bella Panty Mini 
This is one of the smallest and most discreet classic panty liners available in India with only 3 mm thickness. It is latex-free, so the women who are allergic to latex may opt for this one without worries of any skin reactions. Just like Bella sanitary napkins, these liners are also made of air breathable material to let the skin breathe and avoid rashes and irritations.
Price: INR 75 per pack of 36 pieces.
Bella Panty Soft Comfort 
Little smaller, unscented liner with a breathable absorbent layer to help keeping your intimate area dry. Thin as its other mates from classic liners category i.e. 3 mm. The best thing is their individual packing. It slips in my sanitary pouch so easily and I feel confident carrying it in the handbag.
Price: INR 55 per pack of 12 pieces.
Bella Panty Soft Deo Fresh
Another variant from classic panty liners is Soft Deo Fresh. As the name suggests, this one has mild floral scent to make you feel fresh for hours. It provides same level of comfort due to 3 mm thickness that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. 
Price: INR 69 per pack of 20 pieces. 
Bella Panty Intima Normal
Intima range is the best-seller product of the brand. These have top sheet made of pure cotton that feels exceptionally delicate, soft. With less than 2 mm thickness and anatomical shape, the liners almost get invisible under clothing. Though nobody gonna see that, but these ultra-thin, super comfortable liners have got cute flower embossing on them ;)
Price: INR 119 per pack of 30 pieces.

Bella Panty Intima Plus Large
This enlarged variant of Intima is designed for enhanced absorption for better security. The liners are infused with natural herbal extracts of rose, jasmine and daisy to give aromatic feel. These too are as thin as 1mm so you barely feel like wearing any extra layer inside. Yet these are ideal to save you from embarrassment of stains/wetness on your pants.
Price: INR 119 per pack of 22 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Verbena
Bella has a unique range of liners enriched with various herbal extracts that offer distinct benefits. One of those is Panty Herbs Verbena. The gentle lemony scent of this flowering plant helps to regulate menstrual cycle and has anti-inflammatory properties. The Odour Stop feature of this liner helps to neutralise unpleasant smell and provides feeling of freshness. These liners contain a special substance that turns moisture into gel. So despite being only 1mm thick, it ensures high absorbency.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Tilia
The Tilia liner variant has got sweet floral smell. This flower is known for its healing properties and soothes skin irritation. These extra soft liners in anatomic shape guarantee no leakage due to magic gel and 100% breathability offers free air circulation and protects against skin irritations.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces.
Bella Panty Herbs Plantago
These liners are enriched with the herbal extract of Plantago plant known for its soothing and anti-rash properties. This is an unscented variant for sensitive skin. It comes with an exceptionally gentle top cover and magic gel features.
Price: INR 69 per pack of 18 pieces
All these Bella panty liners are anatomically shaped that fits the body structure effortlessly. These are made of air breathable material to let the skin breathe and remain rashfree. The edge-to­-edge adhesive beneath the liners helps to keep it in-place all day long. The shelf life is long enough i.e. 5 years so you may stock up as many as you want. Discover the complete range of finest female hygiene products on brand website or order these from Amazon. You may also contact their Whatsapp number 7259001321 to locate nearest store.

I personally don't recommend wearing a liner everyday unless and until it's really needed because it may itch on your private parts. I prefer using a liner when the heavy flow of my period has subsided and I want to avoid any spotting or stains on my clothes. Carrying a few pantry liners in my bag is my habit, when periods arrive unexpectedly or probably to offer one to any of my friends in need. 
Wearing a panty liner is definitely a matter of personal preference, but it's a good idea to handle your daily struggle of wetness.

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