Tuesday 15 May 2018

Daily Face Serums ft. Aroma Essentials

Serums are super food for skin. Why? Because they are the water based, liquid concentrate that lets its key ingredients to penetrate deeper and more efficiently than other skincare products like a standard moisturizer.

Serum Vs Moisturizer:
Serum is light weight, non-greasy and quick-absorbing. It's main objective is not to hydrate the skin rather nourish it. So if you add it in your beauty routine, the benefits will far exceed beyond softness and suppleness of skin. 

How to Apply?
Make sure to apply the serum on cleansed face so as to provide a cleaner skin for the product to absorb. After waiting for a minute or two, pat apply two drops of serum by patting it all over your face using your finger. For those who have drier or mature skin, serums can be layered under your moisturizer. Another way to reap the benefit is to mix two drops of serum in your moisturizer and massage on the skin.

Frequency of Application:
The right time to use a serum depends on your skincare routine. But it is recommended to be applied in the morning and at night both.

The serums newly launched by Aroma Essentials are non-oily formulas that aim to restore skin’s nutrients. Both the day and night serums come in a small glass bottle having 12gm of liquid. The dropper cap of the bottle makes it very easy to measure and take out two drops of the product as required per usage.
Vitamin C Day Serum has to be followed by SunBlock SPF 30. Keeping this in mind, the brand has sent me their best seller carrot sunblock to be used in conjunction. The day serum smells nice. I somehow find the fragrance quite similar to rose extract.
The Vitamin C Night Serum has been infused with 24k gold leaves and berberries alongwith their key ingredients i.e. Rice Extract and Vitamin C. Sounds luxurious..Isn't it? The night serum doesn't smell pleasant, but can be tolerated reminding yourself the positive after effects ;)
Vitamin C serums help in reducing skin dullness of your skin and controls pigment production too. Rice Extract used in the serum is said to be a smart hydrator that keeps the drier areas smooth. The gold particles give a natural glow to skin when the night serum is applied, though it's not something we're looking for ;)
Indulging into the noble routine of serum application everyday leads to lifting and firming action for your skin thereby making your skin look glowing and youthful.
The Day Serum is priced at Rs. 575 for 12 gms and the night serum is priced at Rs. 975 for the same quantity. 


  1. I haven't tried Aroma Essentials products yet, but this Vitamin C duo is making me wish I buy from the brand soon.

  2. I love Aroma Essentials products. I didn't know about these new launches. Will check them out...

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