Monday 30 April 2018

InstaCuppa Coffee / Tea/ Fruit Infusion Pitcher Review

With the change in weather and with temperature soaring higher every passing day, most of us are shifting from hot tea to cold beverages. I too limit cups of my usual masala tea, but can't survive without two cups of any hot beverage a day. If you're still wondering how and why should I not switch to a cup of ice tea, here is why-
I like preparing drinks by infusing not-so-hot water with dried or fresh herbs. Those are so soothing and energy-giving on the first hand; plus I feel confident of consuming guilt-free drinks without caffeine content. The enlivening aroma and natural flavours of such infusions instantly lift my mood whatever time of the day it is. Occasionally, a spoonful of honey adds up the sweetness to my drink, else I don't mind it unsweetened. The best part is that these infused drinks taste equally great even when they get bit cold. Here I would like to tell you my crazy habit of preparing my infused drinks in transparent glass mugs, because I love the beautiful colours swirling around while infused with different herbs. When I received InstaCuppa Infusion Pitcher made of transparent Tritan carafe, I knew I'm gonna love it.
This pitcher is a lightweight and durable kitchen accessory that lets you prepare and serve your tea, coffee or fruit infusions in a batch size of 1300ml which is enough for one serving to entire family.
The design of the pitcher is quite thoughtful. There is a V-shaped functional spout at the mouth of the pot to easily pour your drink to your cups without spilling the liquid.
The pitcher comes with an ergonomic side handle as well as a top handle on the lid that helps you to have a firm hold of the pitcher to avoid slipping.
There is a mesh filter core inside the pot to add in the dry/fresh herbs, fruits or coarsely ground coffee. The entire brewer can be disassembled and cleaned in less than a minute after easy disposal of used fruits / vegetables / coffee grounds. It's also dishwasher safe if you prefer a hands-free approach to cleaning your cold brew pitcher.
The pitcher lid seals the flavour for more than 12 hours so it's a good option if you prepare your drink in the morning, refrigerate it and sip it in smaller batches all the day long to charge yourself up with instant energy. 

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  1. A very useful thing for everyone. A quick method to opt healthy drink.


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