Thursday 31 May 2018

Delicious Nutrishakes - An Ideal Vegetarian Diet

While you are eager to fuel yourself with a hearty breakfast, the clock ticking fast doesn't let you prepare and eat your first meal of the day on busy mornings. I too am one of this lot who wish to and plan to have a great start of a day, but practically can't execute the plan :(
My husband is one step ahead of me. I don't remember when he started missing his breakfast, but it had become a routine for him for past few months. And I could barely do anything about it because I'm the one who leave home before him every morning. I know many people don't feel hungry in the morning, but being a regular breakfast-skipper had real bad effect on his health. An otherwise energetic person started feeling low and had his own excuses of avoiding meals. I genuinely felt miserable when I would come home finding the food in the cassarole untouched.
For anybody and everybody who has same story like mine, Nutrishakes must be added to your diet plan for sure. Let's understand why?

What is Nutrishake?

Nutrishake is scientifically developed delicious and healthy vegetarian shake containing a blend of proteins, low GI (Glycemic Index), carbohydrates, and fibre to fit into our modern lifestyle system.
How to Consume it?
These are nutritional powder mixes that need to be blended in water and consumed immediately (as recommended on the pack). But depending on your taste preferences or energy needs, you can experiment with recipes or can mix it with other cold fluids like milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, juice, yoghurt etc. that will result in an increase in energy content (calories) and glycemic index.
Ideally, the shakes are meant for mixing and drinking immediately; but in case of emergency when you find it impossible to mix-n-drink, carry a pre-mixed serving in a bottle and store it in refrigerator. Since the shake starts separating after a few minutes, make sure you shake it before consumption.

Flavours Available:
Oriflame in it's Wellness segment is offering three flavours of Nutrishakes currently that are Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango-Banana. I have tasted and tested Vanilla and Strawberry ones.

Nutrishakes come in a colour-coordinated cardboard box which holds a packet containing the product. The details regarding nutritional value, ingredients, dosage, pricing etc is printed on the outer box. The green dot on the box indicate a vegetarian product.
What goes into it?
Nutrishakes contain natural whole food ingredients like peas, soy, whey protein (from milk), apple, rosehip and fibres from sugar beet which create an optimal balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
The carbohydrates in the Nutrishake come from apple and rosehip which provide a slow absorption and hence a controlled blood sugar response. Rosehips and apple are also naturally rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C which is an important antioxidant.
Pea Protein (31%), Sweet Whey Powder, Apple Powder, Soy Protein (13%), Rosehip Powder,Whey Protein (5%), Sugar Beet Fibre, Natural Flavours, Beetroot Juice Powder (in Strawberry variant), Antioxidants(Ascorbic Acid and Alpha-Tocopherol), Sweetener (Sucralose).
What's out?
There are no trans-fats or other unhealthy fatty acids in the formulation. It is free from milk protein and eggs which the common allergens. It is also free from gluten and has minimal amount of lactose.

Who can be benefitted from it?
  • Anybody who is on a weight-loss diet can compensate body's nutrient requirement by drinking these shakes without starving themselves. Because they provide optimal nourishment with minimal calories.
  • Those who have long, strict working hours where there is no time to eat between main meals; Nutrishake can be their savior to curb hunger and craving for unhealthy snacks. It will make you feel full and satiated. 
  • Nutrishake can be taken before and after workout or physical training. But it's more effective to complement it with some carbohydrates when you take it post workout.
    The Nutrishakes contain nearly 1% per ready mixed shake so most of the people who have milk- intolerance can consume it without problem. 
  • The Nutrishake has no added sugar and is low GI, so can be taken by diabetics also. But consult your doctor, if you take insulin or oral medication so that your medication dose can be adjusted after monitoring your blood sugar level.
Price: 500 gms packaging costs Rs 2799/- each and provides 28 servings of  18 mg each.
Shelf Life: 18 months (Once opened, the product should be consumed within 3 months and the packet should be stored in a air-tight container.)
It's been more than two weeks now that we're (me and hubby) regular on our nutrishake intake and we're making sure not to skip meals becuase this drink is a meal supplement, not meal replacement. It has shown improved energy levels. I personally am not looking at junk food and relying on a serving of vanilla shake when hunger tortures me at office. To be honest, none of us is drinking this shake to shed some kilos, so our objective to remain charged is being fulfilled without starving ourselves. And I hope most of you would agree that if you're feeling full and satisfied, you can concentrate on your work better.

I'm sure we're on the right track to improve our general health and wellbeing. I'll make sure that we remain consistent in following convenient meal option despite our hectic lifestyle to gain optimal benefit out of Nutrishakes.
Have you tried any of the flavours? Did you feel any difference after a regular consumption? Would love to hear your views...


  1. I have heard about these nutrition supplements from Oriflame. But haven't tried them. I think this is very useful for the current generation who is always on to go...

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  2. Wow, I haven't heard about this brand before. Nice job getting on track with your health and finding products that help with that!

  3. Are these vegan-friendly? They do seem like what I need right now to supplement my diet and to control weight. I lack the patience to prepare 3 meals a day so it can be difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Like your husband I'm not a breakfast person. I never have been, but I do feel that some kind of nutrition in the morning as I get older would be a benefit.

  5. I'm a big believer in 'breakfast being the most important meal of the day' and so I make sure the kids eat before school but I never live by my own rules!! These would be just great for me in the morning as I just don't have the time to sit down and eat before the madness of the day begins!

  6. Shakes can be a great way to get some extra goodness into your body. I was actually thinking about starting a shake regime up again - I love the benefits last time. These sounds like a great option - I wonder if they're available in Australia. x

  7. I love my shakes and smoothies. Will try some of these. Thank you!

  8. These actually look yummy! I'm not one to go for shakes/protein infused stuff but I might consider this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I so love a good shake! But it's been a while since I've had one, it's a bit hard to find a great tasting one that is veg friendly and only clean ingredients. THIS however looks right up my dietary alley. I'll have to get some!


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