Wednesday 28 March 2018

Herboveda Anti-Pollution Face Wash & Derma E Moisturizer Review

Few days back, I shared a review on Herboveda products that target acne. Today I'll share my views on two of their products that are meant for normal to dry skin. The first product is Anti-Pollution Day-Protect Detoxifying Clear Facewash and the other is Derma E Cocoa Face & Body Moisturiser.
Anti Pollution Face Wash cleanses impurities without drying the skin, leaves skin fresh & hydrated. It prepares the skin against pollution & dirt throughout the day. The powerful anti-oxidants effectively neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals by deep cleansing & rehydrating facial skin. Orange oil & Algae extract are richest source of anti oxidants thus preventing premature wrinkles and skin pigmentation.
This facewash comes in a similar packaging like Herboveda Acne Facewash that I reviewed in a previous post. The colour of the product is nice and looks cool to look at inside the transparent pump bottle. It's a gentle cleanser that foams well. It removes all traces of oil and dirt from your skin. The fragrance is good but not anything close to scent of orange oil.
The cleanser is of thinner consistency as compared to other products in the line and I don't mind it considering it does its job pretty well. Also it's easy to rinse off with splashes of water and doesn't leave a soapy feel on skin. It suits all skin types and doesn't break me out. The Algae Extract in the formula vitalizes the skin and maintains skin natural oil balance. So I'm all good to continue it's use! It's priced at Rs. 150 for 80ml. Buy here. Shelf Life: 36 months.
It contains cocoa butter which prevents water loss and dehydration, provides flexibility to skin, gives a soft feel and even skin tone. Penetrates deep into the skin & makes it smooth by removing roughness. Moisturizer leaves skin supple. Mineral oil gives lubrication effect, glycerin prevents loss of water from skin preventing dryness; cocoa butter has property of emolliency & retains skin moisture.
My dry skin is real sucker of moisturizer, be it my face or body skin. Firstly this moisturizer has delicious fragrance. It's a creamy white coloured product that is light on skin and instantly gets drunk up by my skin. There is no sheen or stickyness on the top of skin that may make you feel uncomfortable.
The patchy and rough areas of the body do get smooth-to-touch feel post its application. Infact it's a relief from dryness and itchyness to my skin when I apply this moisturizer. To obtain maximum benefit from the product, massage it on your body immediately after taking a shower. It effectively helps to even skin's texture and leave skin soft and supple. Buy here at Rs. 155 for 100ml. Shelf Life: 36 months.


  1. The body moisturizer sounds good. My skin tends to get dry patches now and then and this seems like a good relief to the skin.

  2. Same is with my skin too. Do give this moisturizer a try.


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