Saturday 10 March 2018

Live Life In Colours With Oriflame ColourBox Lipsticks

"Get ready for full spectrum of essential lipstick colours that are totally irresistible! With such a variety of shades, why not experiment and try them all." - that goes true for a range of 12 fascinating shades that Oriflame has introduced in its Colourbox Lipsticks range.
Oriflame Colorbox Lipsticks come in a little black bullet packaging that reads ColorBox Lipstick in clear white font. The lipstick bullet closes with a slight click and ensures safety when carrying your lipstick in a handbag.
The shade number and name is labeled at the bottom of the bullet. Each of the lipsticks weighs 2.5gms and has shelf life of 3 years. It retails only at Rs. 235/- which is one of the most inexpensive one from the brand.
As I mentioned above, ColourBox Lipsticks come in 12 brilliant shades varying from reds, pinks, oranges and mauves. But I still am yearning for browns in the range to make it a complete set.

Shades Available: 
Tangy Orange 34624: This shade is for the fans of bright orange and suits medium to light skin tones well. 
Romantic Pink 34625: This is the pink with more of fuchsia effect to it. Depends on how well you may pull it off. But it always surprises me with its aura when tried with different color outfits. 
Brick Red 34626: This shade is a must-try and will flatter almost every skin tone equally good.
Peppy Peach 34627: It's a sure shot pick for those who like to flaunt lighter shades. I like it on me as a soft day-wear shade to work/office.
Bright Pink 35087: This shade is not for everyone, but may suit fair skin tone.
Bright Red 35088: It's a blend of orangy red and comes beautifully when applied for parties or functions.
Soft Red 35089: This is one of my favourites, with just the right amount of brightness and warmth suited to my skin tone.
Bright Coral 35090: This coral has soothing appeal to it that will make it a perfect go-to coral for young girls.
Ruby 35091: A lovely shade of deep pink and slight purple. It's actually a mysterious shade that solves the dilemma what shade to apply when nothing works.
Plum 35092: My forever addiction! You will always find a plum shade lipcolor in my collection. I seriously think that I'll finish it up earliest by using most frequently ;)  
Burgundy 35093: Too good for a sunny day when I'm avoiding those extra bright shades that give neon effect. This one looks very subtle and feminine.
Tangerine 35094: Pick this up when you want to experiment with nearly-orange shade for the first time.
The lipsticks offer bold and vibrant shades with moisturizing formula. The easy silky glide have creamy texture and feel on lips which hydrates your lips without preparing your lips with a lipbalm. It lasts little over 3-4 hours depending on your food and liquid intake. One easy way to extend the longevity of the lipstick is to pat a little foundation or concealer on lips before applying the lipcolor.
The texture of the lipstick may make it bleed in hot weather, but you may outline the outer edge of your lipline with concealer pencil or simply a matte lipliner closely matching to your natural lip colour to prevent bleeding. That's my everyday trick to keep my lipstick intact for good 6+ hours. Even if the shades don't stay true with passage of time, a nice shine remains behind.
Now talking about the pigmentation, most of the shades are deeply pigmented but a few requires multiple swipes to obtain true colour.
In short, Oriflame ColourBox Lipsticks are recommended for anyone and everyone who like creamy formula and are looking for a budget pick.


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