Thursday 12 April 2018

Tempted to Try Oriflame Silk Beauty Range?

By now you might have noticed my fixation for Oriflame products. Infact many people (readers and otherwise too) have thought me of as their brand consultant who is engaged in selling these products (but I don't) ;) Yes! I confess my fondness for Oriflame and a number of reviews on my blog certainly give this impression. 

Without much ado, I've reveal today's product line under the name of Silk Beauty.
All Silk Beauty products contain softening Silk Proteins and Orchid Flower extracts that offer hydrating formulations in pleasurable textures to gently cleanse, deodorise and soften your skin while offering an alluring and sensuous fragrance.

Under the Silk Beauty range, you get 5 products that range from bathing essentials like a soap bar and a body wash, plus a moisturizing body lotion, a deodrizing roll-on and a hand cream.
So what appealed me the most in this line is that when you lay your hands on the complete range, you can easily avoid 'mixing up' which is often taken lightly (even I'm guilty of it many a times). By mixing up the products with varied active ingredients, we may run the risk of skin issues like allergy, rashes, patches, breakouts etc. due to clashing ingredients. So whenever possible, it's recommended to use products formulated with same or similar active ingredients to enable those deliver ultimate benefit while working in sync together.

Coming back to my views on these products ;)
Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar is a classic bathing bar in white colour in the shape of a droplet. The shape and size of the soap bar makes it easy to hold in your grip. It lathers nice, creamy and rinses the skin clean. It's a beautifully scented soap that has mainly floral accords. The White Mulberry and Cherry Blossom Extracts add up to the moisturizing benefits while making you feel squeaky clean. But to be honest here, I can never give up on my body lotion however gentle my soap  bar is. So have to have a layer of moisturization in any case. Also the melting tendency of the soap isn't too much which is a plus. The soap bar weighs 100 gm and is priced at Rs. 109.
Silk Beauty White Glow Body Wash is for the fans of liquid bodywashes whose relationship with soap bars has come to an end ;) This is a white coloured product and has thin consistency. Make sure to tilt the bottle to certain angle else you may end up taking extra product out. It would have been better to have a pump dispenser pack for having more control. 
The bodywash makes washing a joy when your body smells great amidst the shower. The ideal way to use bodywash is to generate luxurious lather using a loofah instead of rubbing it on body with hands. This way you may clean your body tip to toe in just a dollop of liquid, so the 200ml pack surely would last for months. Price: 499/-
Silk Beauty White Glow Body Lotion is a light weight body lotion in white colour and has moderate consistency. It's a flip-open kind of bottle, so make sure to clean the area around the opening to avoid creating a mess. The product is quick to absorb, non-greasy yet well-hydrating formulation.
Though the Silk Body range is aimed for cleaning and nourishing dry skin, but this body lotion would be fine for normal skin as well. It doesn't sit on the top layer of the skin, so doesn't stain your clothes. For my extremely dry skin, I need to reapply the lotion more than once to maintain the smoothness of skin. The lotion leaves behind a lovely floral scent for some time that is soothing.
Price: Rs. 549 for 200 ml.
Silk Beauty White Glow Roll-On is an anti-perspirant deodoriser that neutralizes odor under your arms. It's smooth to apply by rubbing directlly on skin without causing any rashes or inflammation. It's scented sweet n floral and just like all other products in the range feels refreshing. But the scent doesn't bother even to most sensitive nose. The best part is that it has 0% alcohol. The price is pocket friendly too, just Rs. 175.

Silk Beauty White Glow Hand Cream is my most used product and it's already half quantity over. Reason being, I'm in a habit of washing my hands more frequently and then feel uncomfortable dryness. I always keep a hand cream handy in my car, in travel bag, in handbag, and even at my bedside. So you may imagine how addictive I'm to these hand creams. Silk Beauty hand cream, being a tube pack, is quite convenient and travel-friendly. It goes without saying that the sweet fragrance is also a reason for liking it. It has intense moisturizing feel that relieves me from itch. Price: 279 for 75ml.

Which is these product would you be intersted to explore this summer?


  1. I prefer using body wash with a loofah as opposed to hands just like you have mentioned. They really make a difference in the quantity you use and this range sounds nice and refreshing.

  2. Thanks for such detailed review and tips to use it smartly.

  3. Would like to try out the hand cream ans soap.

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