Tuesday 13 March 2018

The Best Tinted Lip Balms for Summers ft. Aroma Essential

Good news for the lovers of 'classic lipbalms'!! Now you may get one for yourself that will not only moisturise your lips but will give your lips lovely-looking slight coloration. Wondering what's special in that?

The lipbalms that I'm talking about are handmade with love by one of the well-known personal care brand Aroma Essentials. This range of lipbalms have emollients like Shea butter, Mango Butter Almond oil, Coriander oil and have got lipsafe colours in it.

A range of 5 flattering shades have been launched last month in Pink, Megenta, Red, Maroon and Caramel. I received two of these for consideration.
Since these lipbamls come in stick format, I really like it for the ease of use. It's more hygienic than a pot packaging where you have to put your finger inside and apply the product on lips. And I don't share my lipsticks and lipbalms with anyone, so I need not worry about feeling unhygienic.
The lipbalms are creamy-soft in texture and gives a dose of extra nourishment while hydrating your lips for many hours. If you are a true lipbalm addict, I'm sure you must have mastered the art of sneakily apply it even without a mirror while attending a lecture in college or a office meeting. So if your chapped lips need reapplication, just a quick swipe of this lip balm can enhanced your 'natural' beauty look. The USP of the product is that it boasts of additional care of Sun Protection Factor that will save your lips from darkening during harsh summers. Infact Coriander oil infused in the formula helps lightening lip pigmentation.

Speaking about the tint, the lipbalms give a pop of colour subtle enough to get away with your everyday look. I personally prefer swiping a little extra on my lips for the light sheen and plenty of softness.
I love the mild cooling sensation on my lips that I experience for a couple of minutes after applying the lipbalm.
These lipbalms are made in small batches and no preservatives, parabens, phthalates, or SLS are used in it. Just make sure to store them in refrigerator.

For a tinted lip balm that offers equal parts colour and hydration, Aroma Essential has this impressive bargain at Rs. 225 each that too has been cut off to Rs 200 as an Introductory Offer. 

Must try product from my best-loved brand... Go for it!

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