Monday 26 March 2018

CTM Routine For Beautiful Skin

CTM - short for cleansing, toning, and moisturising sounds so prevalent amongst beauty enthusiasts. Despite knowing how significantly this 10 minute routine may affect your skin's health, many of us do not execute it religiously. Even when they do, the expected results aren't achieved due to wrong selection of products. So in today's post I'll stress upon picking the products that are formulated for specific skin type and do not imbalance your skin's condition. Because the comfort level and elasticity of the skin greatly relies upon the products which we use.

Broadly, we may classify skin types in following categories- Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive. There are barely any skincare products which will go well for all skin types, but yes they may fit your skin regimen during certain time of year.

I fall in the category of dry skin type that is characterized by roughness, itchiness, almost invisible pores and lesser elasticity. So it's a task for me to help my skin maintain moisture using mild products. My current favourite for everyday CTM routine is Oriflame Love Nature Oat range made for Dry Skin. Oats are believed to moisturize the dry skin cells and rejuvenate them due to healthy fats found in it. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent loss of moisture. This range includes three products for essential CTM steps -
A cleanser shouldn't be aggressive for the skin that leaves the skin irritated, stretchy or overdry. 'Nourishing' cleansers seem to be great to prevent dry skin and don't interfere with skin's natural. moisture. The frequency of cleansing for dry skin is recommended for once a day preferrably before the bed time so that all traces of dirt, makeup, oilyness can be washed away.  
Love Nature Oat Milky Foam Cleanser is a mild cleanser that is something different from usual soapy facewashes. It resembles a shampoo like milky texture and generates light foam which efficiently clears away grime and impurities with no residue left and without being too stripping. It has light scent that can be felt while washing off your face and then disappears soon. The skin feels no stinging after its use.
Price: Rs. 379 for 150 ml.
Ingredients: (refer image below)
I would begin by asserting that toners are real skin refreshers. I truly love to use a toner after cleansing the surface of my skin. A toner is not to be taken carelessly by dry skinned people. Toner reduces enlarged pores and provides a suitable base layer for the skincare products that you may apply afterwards.
Love Nature Oat Face Toner is a gentle liquid that can be applied using a cotton ball or by patting directly on skin with your palms. I feel comfortable using cotton balls personally.
Ingredients: (refer image below)

The toner picks up any makeup or debris that are left behind after cleansing and further soothes my itchy skin so well. It's a well-formulated product that gives my tired skin a nice tightening effect.
Price: Rs. 379 for 150ml
Most people would like a light moisturizer during hot summer days to hydrate their facial skin. But I still choose to massage my parched skin with an easy-to-absorb cream.
Love Nature Nourishing Oat Face Cream is my companion these days. It is really light yet gives intense moisturization instantly. The small tub packaging is so easy to carry around so that I may reapply it as per requirement. It has faint fragrance that neither appeals me much, nor bothers me at all. 
It's has moderately thick consistency that won't feel greasy on application. The cream gives even toned and soft skin by reducing dullness. It's absolutely compatible to my skin type.
Price: Rs. 399 for 50gm.
Have you used any of these products? Which is your preferred product at this moment for an effective CTM? Do let us know in comments.


  1. Nice review, they also have a range for oily skin with tea tree I think. As You said, products meant for particular skin type is necessary

    1. Thanks Sonali. Yes, there is tea tree product range too.

  2. Wow.. I have never come across an oats toner or oats face cream before. Should give this a try as I have dry skin. Thanks for sharing :)

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