Monday 12 March 2018

Care For Acne Prone Skin ft. Herboveda

Anyone whose skin is prone to breakouts feels bothersome because they need to be concious while picking right kind of skin care products formulated specifically to address the concern in hand.

Herboveda sent me their Anti Acne facewash and Acne Clear pack for review last month. But since I'm blessed with clear skin and didn't require any of those, I decided to gift it to my friend who happends to be my colleague as well so that her experience can be used as a tool to share an honest review of the said products. 
So this friend of mine is in her late 40s and her face usually gets acne all the year long. I specifically mentioned the age to let you be aware that acne and breakouts is not a concern confined to teenagers. 

Neem and Tea Tree face wash is best suited for oily skin. It not only helps to deeply cleanse the skin but also removes excess oils that cause acne and dullness. Neem is an age old remedy for acne & provides soothing and emollient effects making skin healthy and glowing. Rich Tea tree oil gives germicidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Her Experience: 
In the first glimpse, she liked the refreshing green colour of the facewash that is bottled in a see-through dispenser packaging & the shape of pumping nozzle which looks like the beak of a sparrow. Lolz.
The consistency of the product is runny as compared to usual facewashes. But the pump dispenses controlled quantity, so no worries of taking out extra. The product foams enough to clear away all the impurities and doesn't feel overly soapy. There is a mild cooling effect on skin for a few seconds. It's fragrance is really refreshing (I also had liked it personally). You won't just look cleansed off all the extra oil and dirt, but feel rejuvenated after washing your face due to its smell. The facewash that has Neem and Tea Tree as the main ingredients worked for her to control zits to some extent on her cheeks and forehead.
This spot correcting face pack treats pimples and helps control the bacteria that causes breakouts, redness and other skin irritations. It's astringent action dries out pimples and clear up post-acne scars.
Her Experience:
Lets begin with the fragrance of this product. The Derma Renew face mask from Herboveda is an excellent blend of Clove Oil and Numeg, the two popular spices found in every kitchen. The mask smells exactly as of authentic spices and it's like treating the pesky pimples using time-tested home remedies from our grannies treasure. This aroma might bother sensitive noses, but she liked it. The pack is very effective to dry out acne in 2-3 days when you apply it everyday.
My friend also applied the mask on the affected areas on her face ocassionally instead of full face and the mask did its job without causing her irritation.
The 80 ml bottle of facewash costs INR 150 and the face mask costs INR 235 for 50ml. The products can be ordered from brand's website but I don't think these will be available in the markets. In the opinion of my friend, two of these Herboveda products are worth a try and won't cause you any allergies or reactions. 


  1. Mask seems amazing, it's so nice of you to gift it to ur colleague for review

    1. Actually had no other choice, bcz I have clear skin 😂

    2. Haha, it's good but that you have clear skin 😊


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