Saturday 27 May 2017

Why to Use Jasmine Ylang Ylang Oil

Skin moisturization ideally should begin while you're still in the shower. If you apply a body oil, or body lotion during the shower before you towel off your skin, you can successfully seal in the moisture for longer and better hydration. I've managed to solved many skin issues just by religiously hydrating my extremely dry skin at the right time, in the right manner and by using right products.
Body/Bath oils, being my absolute all-time favourites, magically offer my skin great relief and this is why you might find me admiring and approving a number of brands that have suited my skin type. One such brand that masters in formulating pure, handcrafted products is Aroma Essentials (that doesn't seek an introduction any more) whose Jasmine Ylang Ylang Bath Oil had been super nourishing blend of Jasmine Mogra essential oil, Almond Oil and Apricot Oil with skin loving baby oil as the base. 
I always say (and believe) Jasmine flowers have got incredible fragrance that is much more enchanting than any other flower. The flower petals in each bottle scents the oil with natural scent and it smells heavenly. I can inhale it forever ;)
Why and How to use?
  • Ylang Ylang is most efficacious to relieve negative emotions such as anger and frustration. With a blend of Jasmine, it stabilizes emotional balance and generates euphoric sense. You may apply it to your pulse points, behind ears or on the neck to play with its anti-depressant properties. 
  • A massage of this romantic potion results in sensual awakening effortlessly and brings your seductive side effortlessly.
  • I find this oil to be really joyful and peaceful for my senses, so it doesn't harm mixing a portion into my usual coconut oil and give my hair a good massage to strengthen and condition my tresses. It supports healthy circulatory system and calms me down.
  • There are occasions when you find yourself spiritually drained due to tough-to-handle circumstances. Simply inhale the oil for few seconds after regular intervals and it influences bringing your mind and spirit back to place.
  • Ylang Ylang works best to balance the secretion of sebum and improve the texture of skin when massaged regularly in a limited quantity. Make sure to use only few drops else may cause nausea to sensitive people.
  • Using 3-4 drops of the oil is a better alternative to sedative, when your body needs undisturbed night sleep.
  • The most surprising way the oil has worked for me is to make my painful periods much more bearable while tackling other associated issues like mood swings, fatigue n frustration by controlling my body temperature.
You may order a 100 ml pack of Aroma Essentials Jasmine Ylang Ylang Oil at Rs 400. 
The benefits of Jasmine Ylang Ylang oil can be reaped depending on sensitivity of skin. To avoid any reaction, avoid using the oil in heavy doses and do an allergy test before application.


  1. I used Aroma Essentials Baby oil. Maybe the one you're using is the same. I suppose the one you're using has one ingredient that's different from mine - jasmine EO. Mine had rose EO :)
    It's certianly a product I'd continue basking it.

  2. Jasmine and ylang ylang seems a nice combination. Never knew Aroma Essentials had bath oils :)

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