Wednesday 24 May 2017

Svayam Bhringadi Hair Pack Review

There are plenty of treatments available at beauty salons these days that help you fight damaged, split, frizzy or unhealthy hair and scalp in certain ways. Some of those are really effective while others are only temporary solutions. How about a home remedy that can offer extra care to our hair. Today I'm reviewing Bhringadi Hair Pack from Svayam Naturals.
This is a hair pack made of a number of herbal ingredients like Bhrigandi, Hibiscus, Amla, Shikakai, Multani Mitti, Green Gram, Ashwagandha, Methi, Vetiver. The effectiveness of all these ingredients are tested and proven since ages to boost the condition of hair and scalp in one way or the other. It comes in a jumbo-size glass jar which is too heavy to be carried along while traveling. I wish a smaller packaging can be offered by the brand.
The recipe of this hair pack includes a balanced mix of the ingredients in a finely milled powdered form. You can take the hair pack in a bowl in required quantity as per the length of your hair and add either Yoghurt, Egg, Honey or Oil into it. Stir until it blends into a smooth paste. The pack turns into brown coloured paste as a finished product ready for application.
I initially kept the consistency of the paste thicker, but realized that it was bit difficult to spread as my hair got tangled and I couldn't partition them easily (obviously because no help could be sought in the washroom). To ease the application process next time, I made a thinner paste and decided to apply it outside before heading for a shower. I again had an unpleasant experience when the paste not only got applied on my hair rather was dripping all over. I wasn't sure whether it reached the roots and scalp. Anyways, I waited with lot of patience leaving the mask on hair for next 20 minutes as recommended and then shampooed my hair. It requires a good rinse to take out the mask properly so that the residue is not leaving you with an uncleansed scalp.
To be honest, I hadn't noticed much difference in the appearance of my hair in first couple of uses, but internally it neutralized the damages of pollutants which I could feel on my scalp after next few applications. The soothing effect of the pack on the scalp as well as its natural herbal fragrance gives a pleasure when on hair. Also I'm a real believer in time tested herbal remedies so I'm expecting my beautiful, long hair to get stronger with regular use of Svayam hair pack. I only wish the same product composition can be available in ready-to-use paste form so as to make it easier to apply.

Price: Rs 525 for 300 gm
Shelf Life: 2 months
Svayam Bhringadi Hair Pack is a nourishing hair treatment that will prevent and repair common hair issues without use of chemicals if added to your hair care routine for a long term. It's an all-natural way to give a new life to your hair.

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