Tuesday 16 May 2017

Protect Your Colour Treated Hair With Oriflame HairX Range

Once you get your hair coloured perfectly, the next thing that come to your mind is to keep the colour shiny and evenly spread all over for as long as possible. Infact, this is reasonably easy to understand that the longevity of any treatment depends on how well you maintain it. Colour-treated hair should be left without shampooing for atleast 24 hours for the colour to settle properly.

After the colour is set, make sure to choose a shampoo especially designed for coloured hair. I'm using Oriflame HairX range that includes a shampoo and leave-in treatment.
Though it's advised not to over-shampoo colour treated hair, but one has to clean the hair and scalp and thus a premium shampoo should be used. Oriflame HairX Colour Protect Shampoo is formulated with key ingredient Baobab leaves which is said to promote shine in hair. The inherent moisturizing qualities of Baobab soothe itchy scalp, repair damaged hair and enhances softness of hair. It prevents the hair colour to fade away easily and unevenly. Even the dry, brittle hair feel nourished after use of this shampoo since the key ingredient aids in maintaining an optimum moisture level. The shampoo has light and pleasant scent to it which lingers on for some time. The shampoo is moderately thick in consistency and foams really well. On the other side, it's pretty easy to rinse the product off your hair.

Post shampoo, it's my regular practice to apply a conditioner. But presently, I've replaced my usual conditioner with Oriflame HairX Colour Protect leave-in Treatment since it goes in sync with the shampoo formula plus it's a specially crafted product for coloured hair. I must start by stating that leave-in hair products are among one of my favourite hair care essentials because I get impatient to wait under the shower while a normal conditioner is on my hair waiting to be rinsed.
Colour Protect Leave-in Treatment is a thick creamy formula that easily gets dispensed on pressing from the pump packaging. It's super easy to run your hands through your hair to give it a coating of protection. Boabab extracts used in the formula works as an emollient making detangling easier.

I've not experienced issue likes itchy scalp or dryness after using the HairX combo. My hair have been all glossy and nicely conditioned as I love those. It won't be an apologetic choice if one decides to invest in these Oriflame products :)

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