Sunday 14 May 2017

Mumma, Love Yourself - A Survival Guide for All Mothers

Amidst all those mother-centric articles to rejoice Mother's Day, I settled on writing something that is a forgotten concern since forever and yet so vital. 

Having gone through motherhood myself and after watching many other women around, I can assert Motherhood is a constant hard work. We, the women, take great of ourselves during pregnancy because we know that it directly affects the little baby growing inside us by what we eat, drink and do. But once the baby is no longer a part of mother's body, women easily forget that there is a close association between a mother caring for herself and caring for her children (and family).
Why moms should take care of themselves?
Most women see a direct correlation between placing everyone else’s needs above their own needs each day and many of them even find it 'selfish' to take away time from kids and doing something exclusively for themselves. But I believe women are the center of the home and are worthy of self-care and respite. A mother who is well-rested, well-fed and mentally relaxed is far more equipped to be a 'better mother' than the ones who 'escape' doing these things.

With that in mind, let me suggest how moms may take care of themselves ...
Post delivery, it's a real joy to have visitors to congratulate you and meet the new born, but remind yourself to let someone else take care of all responsibilities to entertain guests and feel free to excuse yourself for a nap to comfort your body when needed. It certainly makes a big difference.

Go for easy but heartier meals when you are the one who has to cook and you don’t have energy for elaborate cooking. Avoid exhausting yourself due to long n stressed cooking times.

If you feel isolated and depressed being at home, avoid clinging to the TV or internet; plan a short meet up with close friends at your place to cheer yourself up.

Meditate, chant or pray for a few minutes every day for your mental well-being.

I understand it's almost impossible to spare an hour or so in one go with little ones in house. But you can certainly break your self-care habits into smaller chunks and do one each day. Spending a few minutes under shower to soothe, refresh and energize yourself is a great option. Make sure you use a gentle body wash for added detox and relaxation. I personally recommend Mama Earth Calming Body Wash that is enriched with goodness of Coconut based cleansers and Jojoba Oil to nourish your skin. The Allantoin & Vitamin E in the bodywash help skin to lock in moisture and promote healthy cell development thus preventing dull and sallow skin. Above all, I loved how instantly it uplifts my mood, lessens fatigue and promotes emotional wellness. 
While your new role as a mom takes up most of your time, do not ignore your skin looking dull due to stress and tiredness. Think about investing in a quality body lotion and spend a couple of minutes hydrating your skin. Mama Earth Nourishing Body Lotion comes handy in this situation for its protective, moisturizing and skin strengthening properties due to all-natural ingredients like Shea Butter & Cocoa butter and Jojoba Oil. The product is clinically tested in Europe, hypoallergenic and free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances etc. This body lotion also forms a barrier to external irritants and prevents any skin problems like eczema.  
Getting back to shape and attaining that natural glow is a desire of every new mom. You may not be a makeup freak, but little time for quick beauty fixes need to be taken out for 'feel good' factor. Using a multi-functional product like Mama Earth C3 Face Mask is the key to flaunt brightened skin. It's a Charcoal, Coffee and Clay based mask with a boost of fruit extracts like papaya, mulberry and cucumber. The skin rejuvenation comes easily as the mask works towards curing irritated skin, inflammation, pimples, acne & other bothersome skin concerns. The mask has antioxidant properties which help remove toxins, unclog pores, even skin tone. Sounds promising ;)

Now, after talking at length about health and beauty concerns, I would strongly stress upon the point Do not expect to win any awards for checking off all the items on your long to-do list at home. Lighten your burden by eliminating unessential responsibilities and don't fall for praises at the cost of your health. Because moms need to take better care of themselves while taking care of their babies. Only when a mom is healthy and happy will the baby and family be happy. 
Celebrate  the spirit of motherhood by shouting out loud #MamaLoveYourself


  1. Great post! I have learnt to love myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG! Finally you reminded me of taking care of myself:). Perfect to re-begin my journey!

  3. Yes, it's so important to take care of yourself. So many mothers do not and they go nuts. I'll have to try this Mamaearth products.

  4. I am not yet a mom but what I have learnt from my mum is self care is important. Happy mummy is happier home, well rested mummy is an even more happier home.

  5. i couldnt agree more. Taking care of yourself first is the only way to be ready to care for someone else !

  6. This brand must be new. I have never heard of it. But you are right, taking care of us means taking care of our kids!

  7. This is great. I definitely think my mum needs to learn to take some time out for herself rather than fuss about us kids - even for an hour or two. It's so important.

    Christie's Take on Life.. xx

  8. I have to checkout this product line. Self care is very important especially for moms. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I agree self care is extremely important. Sometimes it's as simple as drinking tea and reading a magazine in a quiet place or cuddling up with a good book all by yourself for a few hours.

  10. I'm not a mom but I totally agree with you that every mom needs to be happy first before making her family happy!

  11. So many useful tips for is mothers! Wish I have read this before, this way I have to find out myself after 5 years that I really deserve to take care of myself better too!

  12. Mothers can definitely benefit from taking the time for self-care and self-love. These are great tips!

  13. Great tips. I think everyone should put themselves first, moms especially.

  14. Totally agree! Now that I am a mom, I see the value in taking care of myself first so I can tend to my kid's needs.

    xx, Kusum |


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