Monday 8 May 2017

My Real Mommy Vs Reel Mommy

Citing the examples of on-screen mothers and finding the closest match to my mom seemed easy to me when I decided to write about #MyFilmyMom, but brought back many episodes flashing instantly in front of my eyes that declared she is an iconic mom who blends certain characteristics of our fav Bollywood mothers.

Since the day I could remember, I've recognized a saree-clad humble woman as my mom who has inevitably essentialized what an Indian mother ought to look like. With her typical motherly features and prominent value system, my mom ideally exemplifies the Golden Era's mothers like Nirupa Roy and Waheeda Rehman.

Irrespective of the socio-economic class my family belonged to, my mom supported me despite all odds. Be it the matter of pretty dolls, frilly frocks or my higher education; she's been a key player in getting me all those without being asked. I would always feel mom has a supernatural power to read my eyes. And now when I live far away from her, she still catches up with my feelings over a phone call. That's the reason I lovingly sing to her "Tujhe Sab Hai Pata, Meri Maa."

Something what hurts me about her is that she’s the kind of mom who refrains from expressing any emotions. She loves her children to bits and stands by us when it’s most needed; but never shares her grief or worries with anyone. Her worrisome personality at times reminds me of SriDevi of English Vinglish who give up everything for the happiness of her children.

There has been no day in my life when I don't thank her from the core of my heart for allowing me tying a knot with my beloved despite it being an inter-cast alliance. Truly, the emotional weight of this divine relationship of mother-daughter got raised that day to infinite when she battled the society for my happiness and changed my fate for the 'better'. I honestly cannot ask for anything else being blessed to have a mom like her who stood like a pillar of strength in all my #BigSmall decisions. For me, she embodies a mother who believed in her kids beyond and above everything else... Just like sacrificing filmy moms Jaya Bachchan and Rakhee.
Mom & Me
On this Mothers' Day, I consider myself privileged since she plays the mom who every daughter dreams of having. To reiterate the emotional journey with my mom, I would love you all to meet my gracefully ageing mom who is the most selfless woman I have ever met...
Mom Dad
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