Friday 26 May 2017

Office Wear Kurti- OOTD ft. Triveni Ethnics

Think 'Work Wear' and a wardrobe consisting mainly of western formals such as shirts, trousers and skirts n blazers will only come to your mind. Business Suits have been the common workwear for majority of working women in the past. But for the ones, who are not likely to change the way they dress in 'comfortable' ethnics, the good news is that Kurtis have been adapted at most workplaces to create smart professional look these days. The trend of stylish kurtis is fast catching up across the nation, all thanks to decently crafted designs which are high on trend as well as comfort.

The best thing about kurtis is that the wearer can experiment in endless ways to customize everyday look due to ample choices in cuts, patterns and fabrics. The beauty of styling a smart office wear kurti is that you can never go wrong! Just make sure to be mindful of the kind of workplace that you are working at. There is no exception to this rule and one can seek a great many choices to match the one’s personal fashion sensibilities.
Since there is no strict dress code at my workplace, I recently got myself a tail-cut kurti for workwear for the first time with a hesitant feeling of its acceptance due to its length, fit etc. I decided to go for minimal accessories but only a timepiece on my wrist. And I'm delighted to share that my attire got me many 'thumbs ups'.


Today, when I wore the same kurti again, I thought of sharing a quick cheat-sheet on how to choose and flaunt officewear kurtis gracefully-

  • Choose the fits that are comfortable. A body-shape friendly fit will facilitate easy stretching and won't interfere in free movement of your body during work.
  • The embroidery or patterns should be very subtle. You should make the selection minutely so that the outfit gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. 
  • Choosing the fabric of the kurti is as critical as other aspects like fit n stitch. The fabric should help to regulate body temperature, especially for the humid season when the days break with an atmosphere charged with sweltering heat. The flowy and breezy fabrics like Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon, Voile are more breathable & can be worn round the clock for long office hours.
  • The designs should not be too revealing to distract colleagues and attract negative attention.  
  • Avoid looking overdressed at work. Not wearing blingy accessories and ditching heavily embellished clothes is the key!
  • Do not opt for an in-vogue attire that doesn't fit your body frame. 
  • One can afford to be a clumsy dresser at office, so play with your look only when you're safest player at enhancing your inherent beauty. Don't wear jazzy or gaudy clothes that makes you look out of the place at a sophisticated corporate environment.
To leave a positive impact on everyone at work, always make smart choices....because -
"you are what you wear."

Do share your tips on office wear that may help everyone else.


  1. perfect well covered points in dos and donts.

  2. This dress is simple but suits you very well.
    Follow for follow

  3. I didn't know that this style of dress had a name - kurti. I had to google that. LOL! I think this would be very appropriate for the office as long as it doesn't contain too much bling as you mentioned.

  4. I love how you broke this up into DOs and DONTs. I think this would be perfect for the office.

  5. What great tips! I really like that dress. You look fantastic in it. Great shades too!

  6. Really a lovely office wear kurti! Interesting to know to Do's to get a gracious look of it! You've carried it very beautifully!

  7. There are many dresses now that can be wear as office outfit. As long as it doesnt too revealing, then you are good.

  8. That is one beautiful dress! I think its perfect for work and great for the upcoming summer! I love the necklace you paired with it as well.


  9. I really need to get myself a tailored suit. Even when I have gotten them I don't believe I have ever had them personally tailored and I need to find things that really work well for me. I know it would be so much better.

  10. This is such a gorgeous dress. The material and print look amazing!


  11. When I was working I always struggled with what to wear it's more difficult than you imagine. Quickly got bored of trousers but didn't think of wearing a dress. This one is pretty love your tips and ideas

  12. Love this dress. You look fabulous in it. Great for work or you can dress up.

  13. The outfit looks great. As long as it is comfortable for you, go for it. Otherwise forget it, comfort before fashion.

  14. The dress looks so pretty on you. Love prints and styles like this, a boho/chic look.

  15. It looks like a lovely every day dress. A good choice for work wear too

  16. This looks like a wonderful everyday dress. It will be great for work too. Yes dressing according to body type is so important.

  17. Hey girl. That's gorgeous necklace with all of the colors snd beads. I also love the beautiful biased cut of your dress and how flows it looks .


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