Monday 30 May 2016

Nivea Creme Care Cream Shower Review


Let the Monday Blues be blown away with this blue pack of a Nivea product ;) sounds stupid, I guess!! But let me review Nivea Creme Care Cream Shower without any further delay..
Product Details:
Let this pampering, yet light cream shower with selected elements of the original NIVEA Creme - Pro-Vitamin & caring oils-envelop your skin with its soft foam and the unique NIVEA scent leaving it feeling intensively moisturized and smooth. pH skin-balanced, Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
Ingredients: refer image below
The Nivea Creme Care Cream Shower comes in deep blue plastic bottle. The bottle has convenient flip open cap that lets you take out required amount easily. The bottle cap is tight yet requires you to be careful to carry it in your basic bath kit while traveling.
The Nivea Creme Care Cream Shower is a pearly white creamy liquid. It has thin, flowy consistency that may lead to excess product running out during shower. So you need to be extra attentive and tilt the bottle to control the product flow.
The moment I open the lid of the bottle, the authentic Nivea scent took me down the memory lane when that tin container of Nivea cream always used to sit in front on mom's dressing table and I remember myself making mustaches on my face using this cream and have fun :P

The cream shower continues to be the identity of Nivea's sweet, soothing, floral scent that we may now enjoy under the shower. A drop or two of shower cream on my loofah generates soft foam when massaged on wet body that's enough to cleanse whole body. So I'm expecting this 250 ml bottle to last for almost two months for me and for a price tag of Rs 165, the quantity is worth appreciation.
The shower cream doesn't need vigorous rubbing to clean and rinse off, just a thorough gentle coverage removes all kinds of topical impurities including dirt, sweat, oil n pollutants. I totally love the refreshing scent of the shower cream that lingers on for many hours without being so acute and unsettling.

The shower cream claims to maintain skin's pH balance and so is compatible to skin. The shower cream doesn't aggravate dryness issue of my skin and my skin doesn't feel stretchy. Still, as I love a soft and intensely moisturized feel over my skin; I back up my shower ritual with a good nousrishing body lotion for offering richer care to my skin.

All in all, Nivea Creme Care Cream Shower is a luscious shower crème with mild scent to indulge your senses without disturbing your skin's natural oil balance and enjoy smooth and clean skin.


  1. wow. the quantity is worth the price. Nice review.

    1. no doubt, I'm going to enjoy these sweaty months using this fragrant shower cream happily ;)

  2. I am currently using the same and I love mine too. You just wrote what I wanted to say about it.

  3. you know I was on the look-out for a good shower wash.
    will go get this
    I'd never heard of nivea body wash
    thanks to you now I do !

    1. Its a good one with lingering scent for quite good time.. u will like it.


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